Thursday, February 11, 2016

A little bit of chicken soup

Today is one of those days that make me want to cry.

Why?  It just is.  I know that I am overly sensitive sometimes.  I am fully aware that I am looked at by others as strong and undefeated but lately…

I am defeated.

Okay, that is about it for that now on that subject and on to what could be a total verbal diarrhea post so bear with me if my chickens are running rampant.

Remember a few months back I started talking about needing my JOY.  I am working on it.

Recently, I took some time to snow shoe in New Hampshire.  A little girl’s get a way was what it was.  I very good friend from college, a very good friend from now, and myself went to LOON Mtn. and did a hike on the trails along the Pemi river in our snow shoes.  It was such a great weekend. 

The following weekend I had a work conference/sales meeting that I HAD TO ATTEND.   *get ready to feel bad for me* It was in Maui.  At the Ritz Carlton.  All expenses paid for me.  So I took Jelly and we were able to spend some real quality time together when I was not in meetings.  He had the chance to golf and sleep in a hammock all day.  It was good for him and good for me.

I am looking for employment and am having a very difficult time finding what is it that I want to be when I grow up.  I know what I want to do but don’t know what that “job” is.  It has been 7 years here and when I sit in a meeting and have some biatch roll her eyes at my suggestion knowing full well that it will be implemented next week under “her idea”, it is just too much for me. 

Okay, I am getting whiny again and I am trying not to.

Just a little update on anyone that may be following, Mom is doing well and she is in good spirits this week.  Being the only daughter is not easy when she has her bad times but since this week is good, I want to rejoice on that.

Hopefully not too long on the next blog post…just needed to get some shit off my chest and already feeling better about that.

Have a great one everyone.