Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Months?  No, it’s been a few years.

I have some time on my hands today and need to vent a little and truthfully this is where that venting can occur without pissing off too many.

When last I wrote, it was February in 2013.  I just looked back and realized that there was much that had not been posted here.

For an example, during that year (2013) I ran a half marathon in April, dealt with my mom and her chemo days, got bit by a tick and spent 6 weeks in bed on IVs for Lyme disease, got a promotion (if that is what you want to call it) that stripped me of any of the responsibilities I had before so that my manager could “have control”, and made it through those holidays unscathed.

During 2014, I had a hard time finding my joy again.  I don’t have anything spectacular to discuss during this time…oh wait #8 got married.  If I find the need to get into that mess and a half another time, there are some good stories there.

Now 2015.  Wow, 2015.

This has been a year of trying to find my joy.  This is not easy.  I am not a whiny person and don’t really have much complaining.  I typically am upbeat and friendly but it is hard to do when you spend 14 hours of your day either at work or traveling back and forth to work and your boss is a total ass.

I may have softened it up here a little regarding my boss but since this is a PG-13 blog I will use ass.

Today I write a little about some trying times just the past few weeks but again remember, I am in my bubble and you are welcome to come and listen but not allowed to get defensive.  It is totally my opinion.

Mom was admitted to the hospital on Sunday.  The call came in early Sunday with “I am in so much pain.  I feel like my stomach is being ripped out piece by piece.  Help me, I really don’t know what to do I am in so much pain.”  Guess what I did.  I called the ambulance.  Yup, I don’t know what I am supposed to do with this type of call and called in the cavalry.  #8 dealt with a wife who was going through some strong chemo treatments maybe he could help.  He suggested bringing her to a rediclinic in case she was dehydrated but call the oncology dept. first.  I could not find a number for the oncology dept. so I called #1 who works for that health care system.  He said call an ambulance and don’t take the chances of being with her by yourself in a rediclinic.  His advice was the advice that I took.  She was admitted for diverticulitis.  And I never would have been able to handle the visit to a clinic by myself.

Now back a few months.  Mom has been on chemo treatments for the past two plus years on and off.  The last visit in July with the last oncologist was simply “I have done everything and now it is time you start thinking long term and prepare…or get a second opinion.”  We stopped all treatments at that time.

All 6 of the 7 around here started right away working on “getting involved”.  This is something that they have not done the last three years so it makes it me a little happy to hear and they convinced her to get a second opinion.  That second opinion was someone that I worked with in a hospital closer to Boston.  Actually in downtown Boston.  I hate traveling into Boston during the week.  But we did it.

She is now with another oncologist in Worcester and JUST started up treatments Tuesday of last week.  #5 has been taking her.  I am happy with that too.

It is getting closer to the time that my brothers are going to have to realize that mom only had 5 years to begin with and 3 of those are done.  I am sure that as this goes on, I will be here more often.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.