Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chicken soup

It has been a few months since my last post and there is too much to say in this one so I am going to start rambling on about a few things that have just hit me today.

I have been gone from my own life for so long now it is hard to remember all the things I used to take for granted are no longer there anymore.

I have run from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, work to rehab and back to work, lived at my mom’s for almost four weeks and missed my entire summer.

I have used any vacation time that I had set aside to spend with my kids that it is hard to get my head on straight without that time off.  I love my mother and want to see her be with us for many more years and it was worth getting her back to health but know that there are still a few more bumps to hurdle before the ordeal is over but at least we have a break until October.

I forgot what my own house was like because I have only seen it twice in the last three months.

I opened my water bill today which is normally $300+ per quarter and it was only $99.  Doesn’t that say something?

I think it does when you see that my kitchen has 16 loads of laundry that need to be done.  I thought that all the laundry that I had been doing at my mother’s house had been able to keep up with it but I guess not.

If these kids tell me EVER that they have no clothes, I have this to remind me that they are full of it.

My phone went for a swim last night.  I didn’t think I would be so reliant on something that I despise but I guess I am.  The kicker is that the bottom of the pond is not a place you want to see your phone light up when it is missing.  I still find it amusing though.  I have to chuckle it just makes it more bearable.

Insurance plans on your cell phone may or may not be a good thing.  I have NEVER had to use it before today and now not only will I not get my own phone type back but I will have to deal with a complete touch screen.  I guess this is the way to get me into the new era of phones.

Work bites.  I won’t get started on that one but answer me this, how can you LOVE a company and a job so much but hate to go in to the office.  If I could make my job completely remote, I would.

I walk.  I know that sounds funny but it is one thing that gets me through the week.  I walk.  I walk anywhere up to 30 miles a week and that has all suffered because of my life and without those walks I am starting to lose my mind.

I have four routes that I walk at work, I have four or five that I walk at the camp, and I have one that I walk at home.  My home one has been destroyed.  Many, many, many years ago a reservoir was built and around this reservoir there are many walking trails.  I had a 6 mile loop that weaved in and out of beautiful pine groves.  The pine groves have all been destroyed.  They have cut them all down, not only the pines but all the other trees too.  This makes for 6 miles in the sun and heat or wind if the wind is coming off the water with no respite.  It makes me so sad.  I will hate to have to drive somewhere to walk but it seems like that may have to happen.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of walking?

The kids start school in one more week and as much as I normally look forward to that happening, I regret it this year.

I will leave you with one more crazy chicken thought…

My artistic child, who told us quite frequently that he was not athletic, has joined football.  I cannot even begin to tell you how STINKY my house, camp and car are now that there are two football players in my family.  I also have discovered that I.AM.NOT.ONE.OF.THOSE.MOTHERS.  I cannot sit around a field for two straight hours gossiping.  It just proves how much I don’t like people anymore.