Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week one begins

Here I am with a few moments to myself and I thought I might jot some crap down for you.

The weekend is over and mom has been placed into the hospital to determine what type of cancer she has. I took the day to go to work in order to try and get some routine in my day. I have been so tired from the last week of running around dealing with phone calls, office visits, and BROTHERS.

Let me fill you in on the drama. Please if you don’t have background on one of the numbers, comment and I will send you the link to read about that one.

#1 came with me and mom on Friday to meet the oncologist. It was so nice to have company and another set of ears. We have been deemed the health care proxies, me one and him alternate. This was good to discuss with him as well. I think this time around I may understand him a little better then when dad was dying.

#2 is a dick some days. Okay more days than others but a dick just the same. I called last week to give him the details of the initial appt and he was curt and hung up on my after saying “thanks for the great news”.

#3 is not my problem. I have told #8 that I am not going to have any patience with him and if he calls he will be ignored. #8 has let him know to deal only with #8 and stay away from me. Really, this is not uncalled for but completely necessary. I set up an email group to inform every one of things that happen, when they happen, and the arse hole is correcting my spelling and questioning things I typed. I am about to take him off the email group and let #8 forward anything to him.

#5 is going to make me drink. I don’t normally but am ready to make sure I am fully loaded whenever he calls. He is such a freaking baby. Friday the girlfriend called and told me that #5 doesn’t want to know anything. My mom didn’t want anything said until yesterday anyway, so I didn’t tell him anything I just went on with my weekend. Yesterday he called my mother to get info and she said she was waiting for a bed. He freaked out on her telling her that no one tells him anything. Make up your mind. He called last night crying and all upset because I didn’t call him when I got home.

FYI, I am not getting on the phone to call everyone to talk at 8 pm. Read your freaking email.

#6, a blessing, and thank heavens married to a normal human being.

#7 is not getting my full attention right now which is a good thing. As long as the tension between him and his wife continues, I will let someone else deal.

#8 is very #8. This is round three for him and despite the hard appearance he gives off, he is dying inside. This hurts more than finding out that mom has cancer.

I will keep coming here every few days and spill a little more but for now, I am out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The BUBBLE is back

Please know that I am not looking for a shoulder to cry on or a pat on the back.

The “Bubble” was formed 6 years ago this August. It all started when my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and my family went utterly insane. My sister in laws started telling me I didn’t understand how hard this was on them. My brothers started remembering things that didn’t happen. This one was talking about that one and vice versa. Everyone came to me to tell their woes.

The “bubble” was somewhere that I could sneak into and tell my side of the woes and not lay out my SIL.

Over time, the bubble became my blog. Somewhere I could tell you what was going on in my life and not have anyone judge.

Today, I have to reform the original bubble.

My mom is sick.

I took her to the doctor yesterday where they felt a mass in her abdomen and we then spent a long time with blood work and CT scans.

The doctor just called and said that it was almost definitely cancer. We have an appt with oncology Friday for biopsies.

My mom and I are way too much alike in the fact that our children come before us most of the time.

Sunday is my son’s Eagle ceremony. He has asked for this celebration to take place instead of a graduation. We are so proud of his accomplishments and want this to be celebrated.

When my mom called a few hours ago to tell me the news of yesterday’s results, she asked me to call my brothers because she was too upset to.

Then I got this email…

A few thoughts

It might be a good idea to keep this quiet until we know more.

I got thinking about how some people are going to react and I do not want this to be the focus of Joe's big night.

I want him to be the center of attention.

As we have seen in the past, everyone cannot handle this.

I figure the less known that can cause tears etc., the better.

Also, I was thinking about the desserts. How about a big sheet cake from B.J.'s

or even dessert trays from there.

I am sure they would be considerably less expensive.

Anyway.......enough said.

Enter bubble now…