Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All because you said something

WARNING!!!!! Extra LONG….

Shhh, I am not really back, I am just stopping by for a brief moment. It was brought to my attention that I left a few people hanging with my stories back in January. ~okay truth be told it was the Countess that was hanging~

I have a small issue with ADOS and an even bigger issue with OCD. Since the OCD part overtakes the ADOS it made me come back and read my blog.

I started blogging about my in-laws a few months back for a few different reasons. The big reason, they are driving me bonkers. I mean absolutely bonkers and I needed to let off steam. The other reason is that no matter how much love I have for my MIL and FIL they still make me want to smack the two of them upside the head.

Okay, if you want to read back a few posts (say from my birthday until the middle finger) you can, if not here is the Reader’s Digest version. My in laws stiffed me on my birthday. My FIL is a dick. My MIL is acting all weird and such and my SIL is a drunken drug addict with no life goals or aspirations. I think that about summed it up.

For the last 20 years the honey and I have been the support for anything that needed to be done at my in laws. Now that Jelly is 18 and Peanut is 15, they often get called if physical labor things need to be done.

Some of you may remember that in New England we received over a foot of snow the day before Halloween. This sent a good portion of the area into chaos. The trees were not prepared for the snow and a lot were damaged, fell or died because of it. We also had no power in some locations for up to a week. My in laws had it all happen to them.

Within the first few hours of the storm hitting and power being out, my in laws called to say they had no power so they had no water. After shoveling us out and getting things in order, Jelly and hubby went over to the in laws with water. While they were there they shoveled them out and made sure there was enough wood in the basement so that they could keep their wood stove going.

Three weeks later, Jelly and Peanut went over to the in laws and spent an entire weekend clearing up the debris from the yard. The chain saw started acting up so a good portion was done by hand. There was still stuff there but the majority of it had been done.

That brings me to the rant that started this whole thing. My MIL does, on occasion, speak with SIL and during one of these discussions MIL mentioned the tree issue and the chain saw acting up. ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? SIL offered to come and help. She showed up two days later with the new boyfriend (just in case you missed this the last post about her she has been married twice and this is a new guy). We’ll call him John because I have no idea what his real name is.

As soon as they arrived, WE got the call that they were there. Okay, so the question in my mind was why were we getting called? Ready? Because they needed Jelly and Peanut to come back over and clean up this guys mess that he was about to make.

If you don’t know me personally, let me fill you in on a little something. I am not opposed to physical labor. If it were my husband, boyfriend, whatever…that were coming to help my parents, in my parents yard, I would be out there helping. Not my good for nothing lazy ass drunk drug wielding fuckheaded sister in law though. No way, she was not about to do it…Todd’s kids should be there helping.

Okay, I may have been a little harsh on my name calling right there but let me tell you this low life bottom dweller does nothing.

Fast forward a few weeks. We will skip the whole Maeraegetsastickshovedupherarse birthday issue and move on to Christmas day.

Years back, 14+, we would spend Christmas morning with the in laws and then head to my parents to spend the day with my family. When hubby’s family starting getting married, moving away and dying or such and not getting together at Christmas, my parents started inviting my in laws to dinner. Since my dad died 5 years ago this had not changed and they still come for dinner.

Okay, I speed through the next self inflated pat on the back session, I cook Christmas dinner. (My mom puts the roast in the oven an hour and half before I get there.) After cooking for everyone and serving, I clean. I like to do this before the masses of people get there so I like to get it done fast. I have OCD as I mentioned before so I don’t like help unless you listen carefully and only do as I say when I say to do it. It is my time to myself in the kitchen.

In the middle of my session, my FIL comes out to speak with me. Mind you this is the first time he had spoken directly to me (without turning his head when I respond) in over 2 months.

Hubby had been given a heavy sweatshirt by a friend. Not a Christmas present but just as a gift. My FIL noticed this and asked about it a few days earlier. He asked hubby a favor and hubby had not yet responded. So he came to me.

Here is how it went down…”MaeRae, I spoke to “hubby” the other day when I noticed his nice new coat.”

Me: “new coat?”

FIL: “yeah, new coat that Marc gave him”

Me: “oh, the sweatshirt”

FIL: “sweatshirt, coat, no fucking difference. Kim’s boyfriend doesn’t have either and she has asked for us to be on the lookout for one for him. I mentioned it to ‘hubby’ and he hasn’t done anything about it.”

Me: “I don’t understand what you are asking me for”

FIL: “hubby’ has a ton of clothes and ‘john’ is more his size than mine, so I want ‘hubby’ to go through his coats and get one for ‘john’.”

Me: “I’ll remind ‘hubby’”

FIL: “don’t just remind him, find a coat. They have been so good to us, I want to do something for him”


Here is where I lost it. WTH? They? Meaning LAMF and her boyfriend? Good to you? Good to you but we need to get him a coat? You haven’t spoken to me kindly in months and you want me to give something to you to give to someone else because THEY have been so good to you. Why don’t you give him some fake fucking candles so that might keep him warm? Oh wait, I have some at home that I was given for my birthday.

OKAY, I didn’t say any of that. I just shrugged my shoulders and told him that I would indeed discuss this with my husband, his son, and if we were able to locate anything we would let him know.

After they left, hubby and I had a chance to talk.

My husband, the love of my life, the man of my dreams, my soul mate, had a few choice words to say. They were not what I expected.

My husband told me that his dad had talked to him about it. He had been given a sweatshirt and not a coat, so the coat he had was one that he still needed. He was pissed that his dad had been thinking that he should give up something for his sister’s new boyfriend because once in 20 years LAMF-SIL did something as a daughter should have.

And then…

He said: “I can’t believe my dad had the balls to come to you and ask, especially since he thinks that you don’t care about your family and only care about yourself and your precious little job”.

WABAMMM!!!!! There is it folks. My FIL and my MIL think that I have put them aside for my job. I have been shunned and treated like shit for what? Wait for it…

I asked my mother in law 3 years ago to come and put Butter on the bus so that I could attend a meeting ON MY FIRST DAY with my new job. Yup, three fucking years later the truth comes out.

Damn me and my want for things like a roof over my head and food on my table. Damn me.