Monday, September 19, 2011

Day two of Martha's Vineyard Vacation

Crazy is the nicest adjective for the last two days here on the vineyard.

I started telling you the other day about the argument that my two cousins had and I wish I could get a little more into it but it would take days to explain either of them. Let’s put it in the RDCV for this post. MB has not spoken to her own daughter for almost three years because of some sort of an issue that took place with her daughter’s inlaws. Car went out to lunch with MB’s daughter just before MB showed up for her vacation. MB’s granddaughter, who is 4, told MB before Car did and now she feels that Car hid the visit from her (which she did) and feels betrayed. Car told her sister that she was stupid and overreacting and had no right to feel this way. MB packed up and left after Car told MB her feelings were “effing retarded”.

So, that being said, I am in charge of 4 old ladies this week and we started out with a trip to a different beach yesterday. They were too cold.

My cousin Car is a very domineering woman. Most of the time it is her way or no way. This week it is my way or no way. Since I hold the keys to the car and the manual and have not had a vacation in over a year, I am going to enjoy this week.

Today, we went to the beach and while I went to the bathroom Car packed up everything and put the old ladies in the car because they were all too cold. Then she proceeded to tell me to go back to the hotel so that the old ladies could eat in their hotel rooms.

I drove to a picnic spot at Aquinnah and enjoyed lunch there. Here is a picture of the cliffs there too.

I know that this post sounds like I was the bitch. I am glad, because this is the vacation that I have deemed for ME.

PS. The old ladies loved the picnic on the cliffs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day One of Martha's Vineyard Vacation

I sit here today on the first full day of my vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, feeling the need to bring my blog up to speed.

I have been so crazy with life’s going ons that sometimes I forget that I have a little world out there that I can tell my stories to without any judgment from family members.

I know that most of you know that I come from a big family. I have 7 brothers, the majority of are married or in a relationship that has been years in the making, some of have children from other marriages and some have no children. Regardless of the amount of in and out family members from my immediate family we all “pretty much” get along.

As I sit here today let me tell you about another “little” part of my family.

My mom is one of 7 children. Only 1 of her siblings is still alive, that is my Aunt F. My mom’s 3 brothers all had children and each of them had 2 daughters regardless of how many sons they had.

This vacation that I take is usually with my mom, her sister Aunt F, Uncle D’s two daughters and one of Uncle J’s daughters. The ages of these women are 83 (Aunt F), 73 (mom), 70 (Car), 63 (Moe), 60 (MB) and 43 (me).

This year I have been looking forward to this vacation only because I have not taken one yet this year.

It is always a chore for me being the mobile one but it is also an opportunity for me to walk away from the drama and the chitter chatter of those women who know family members and memories that are WAY before my time.

Anyway, this year is not that way. Car and MB had a HUGE fight and MB left the vineyard. This is not a little fight that will get over really quickly; I think this is a while to go fight that two sisters may not talk to each other for months or maybe even years.

I may have said in the past that we put the fun in dysfunctional but my extended family really does that.

I will post more later but for now, I am taking 4 “not so little” old ladies to the beach for the day.