Monday, June 13, 2011

Itch? Maybe, but make sure you capitolize the B!

It is not often that I post lately. If nothing else, I have been busy. Today however something came to light that forced me to post some very eye opening revelations about myself.

Let me just say that, when and if you were ever to meet me, I am for the most part, a very happy positive person.

Today, I learned a very valuable lesson. I.AM.A.BITCH!!!!

Not only am I a bitch-with a capitol B-but I am a SUPER.SNOB.

All of three of you that are still reading my blog are now wondering how I stumbled across this revelation.

It started here…

This is Butter at his fourth grade recorder concert this morning.

First, see the big blob at the left of this picture? That woman stood, in front of everyone, through the entire concert. She was a mom and would not sit down. Picture this, this small portion of children was 1/20th of the children in this concert and this mom was blocking the rest of us from seeing. After the third or fourth attempt to get a picture without her in it, I finally stood up and said something. The look I got from her was a KILLER! Then the look I got from the other mom’s for saying something was just as bad. Am I the only one with manners that would sit if I were in the front row?

Second, see how all the other children are wearing white T-shirts and my Butter is wearing a long sleeved BLUE button down collared shirt? The note came home that the children were to wear white shirts. There is a white shirt under the collared shirt, see it? I looked for a white shirt with a collar and found three of them. All three of them had some sort of stain on them. I have three boys and Butter is the third. At the age of 10 boys grow out of their clothes faster than they change their underwear. I knew I had white shirts. So, that being said, I now say that I told him that he would have to wear the only white shirt that was clean (the t-shirt underneath) and he insisted on wearing the collared shirt because “it was a concert, ya know”. I let it slide. What the Hades do I know, I am only the mother.

Okay, on with the Bitch part.

I came in to watch Butter’s concert and attend the recycling fair (more about that later). NO sooner do I sit down, one of Peanuts teachers sees me and insists on sitting with me to give me the updates on how much of an asshat my middle son is.

Like I am not aware that my son lies to me and all other adults? Does she think that I need to be constantly reminded of all the horrible things that the kid has done to me and others? Seriously, don’t you have other children besides the one you always talk about?

Very nastily, and I can’t blame the female hormones since I just finished that, I told her that I was not there to discuss Peanut but to see Butter’s performance. She then continued to tell me that after I spoke to Peanut last week he had a different attitude. Did I speak to Peanut last week? I don’t think so. Well, anyway, after I signed the detention slip he must have got the point because he was much more respectful. Did I sign a detention slip? HHHMMMM? All getting to me come the kids…and she is still talking. The final straw…”MaeRae, I know that this isn’t the right place but I want you to know that Peanut is a great kid despite everything that we have been through. After Friday’s detention I saw him in the hallway and he apologized to me.”

Wait a darn garn minute!!!!! Friday’s detention? Speaking with him? Signing the detention slip?


The concert was not all that bad. Butter chose not to play the harder ones because he just got his glasses last weekend and prior to that he had not been able to see the board well when they were practicing. (under your breath now say “bitch”) My ears only bled once and believe me when I say if I had the opportunity to post the hideous rendition of taps EVAH I would. I just can’t figure out how to.

Next, we went to the kid’s classroom to see the recycle fair.

The kids all had a project to do. It was to create something out of recyclable products to demonstrate. Butter chose to create a recycling robot. This kid has worked very hard for the last three weeks creating this and putting together his report. The teacher put him right next to the door, because he was the well dressed one, to thank everyone for coming to the fair.

He did his job well.

The parents were rude. Most were dressed still in their pajamas. The kids were rude. I walked around the room and checked out the other kid’s reports and only two other children even said thank you for looking at my project. The parents in the hallway were rude. Many were dressed like snobs. Almost all had another kid or something in tow. One mom, okay picture all of the above, with two teeth missing was laughing as her younger child ran up and down the hallway ripping children’s artwork off the walls.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me!!!!!

Effing people are effing rude. If you can’t respect yourself to get dressed in the morning to go out in public then DON’T!!!! Seriously, stay the eff home. Control your effing children. Some of us are raising our children to have respect for others. I am the mom that you would roll your eyes at for grabbing their little shit under the arm and smacking their ass for acting that way in public. Why can’t you?

It is one thing to be called a bitch, which I have been on occasion. It is another to get in your car and think, “What the? I hate people. People just plain ole SUCK”.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I may need some help...or a slap!

With this blog post I will probably piss off many a people but seriously I don’t care.

Lately, I have been dealing with ignorance beyond words.

Work has been a killer. I have been swamped beyond swamped. I was personally responsible for over 2 million dollars worth of sales and renewals last year and am on target for 3 million this year. I have discussed with my VP that it is beyond what any one person can possibly handle on their own.

He agreed that I need help.

In case, you missed it, 6 months ago, I was transferred to another department. My job did not change only where I sit and who I report to did.

Anyway, BigBoss and LittleBoss decided that it would be a good idea to move someone from another group to help me as soon as they could. This was done with no discussion with me until after it had happened. They transferred the person that was not performing in their job.

I have been training this individual for 2 MONTHS. Not weeks, months, and I am pulling my hair out.

Backstory – I have my degree in Elementary Education and certifications in Math and Special Needs. I could teach a special needs 4th grader algebra and I cannot teach this person how to think before he acts.

Today, for an example, he sent an email in French thanking a woman for her inquiry and order forms to a group coordinator that was concerned that the order that she placed 2 weeks ago has spelling errors in the names. THIS WAS AFTER I RESPONDED YESTERDAY AND TOLD HIM SO!!! VERBALLY AND IN EMAIL FORM!

Ugh, I am trying so hard to help this individual to learn the group process and yet he doesn’t listen to anything and just goes forward doing his own thing.

Not intentionally, I hope, he is sabotaging a $3,000,000 money maker for this company and I have no other options.

I know I need to say something but am not sure how or to who. I am up to my elbows in my own work and now fixing all of his mistakes on top of it. I am becoming a bitch and know that the emotions will be worse the longer the situation persist. I have a bad habit of letting my emotions overcome my tone when I talk.