Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How fitting?!

This is my 200th post.  How fitting for me to be able to say...Yeah for ME!

Sometimes my intelligence amazes me.

After this post and all the crap I got from family and friends for telling my children “LIES”, I just want to make sure that the world knows.


My life is AWESOME when I can say to all…PPPPBBBBBSSSSSSTTTTTTT! (that is a huge raspberry for those of you who don’t know)

Told you so.

I love my life sometimes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chicken Stew

Free Range Chickens are the only chickens around here lately.

I think with the two large snow storms that we have had around here and then also the holidays, the coop got damaged and hence the randomness of the chickens.

For those of you who haven’t been around since the beginning, I suffer from attention; hey, did you see that chicken?

Well this post is all about chickens because sometimes when I point those out they come back on their own and I can then gather the eggs and feel like I have accomplished something.

Chicken #1-Sarah Palin did not shoot Rep Giffords. Stop posting the shit on the internet and keep your mother effing opinions to yourself or I will delete you from my friends list, or better yet (wait right here…) HAH! I just blocked your wall postings. I feel better.

Chicken #2-My Jelly is going for his license. I feel extremely old and am scared to death as to how much my car insurance will increase.

Chicken #3-No shit, I tell you no lie…I received a bill from the electric company for $14,882.56. Yup, tell me I was in the wrong to call and argue this bill. Better yet, tell me I was right in smacking my husband upside the head when he told me that I better not just pay it. Who the hell has that kind of money in their checking account? Seriously? How long have we been married?

Chicken #4-I planned on working from home today during the snowstorm. Instead, I shoveled for 5.5 hours straight with only 2 butt breaks and even they were outside while I brushed off the cars. I hurt everywhere.

Chicken #5- I desperately need a haircut.

Chicken #6- I am reading a book right now and if the woman who wrote it didn’t live in Utah and have 3 more kids than me I would swear she and I were twins.

Chicken #7 –Speaking of Sarah Palin…see the brain works weird…Does it bother anyone else that she had the biggest bi-atch in the world on her show and I lost a little respect for Alaska letting her in. Oh yeah, and I love her dad.

Chicken #8-the military channel sucks. Just saying. It is the only thing on my tv lately is Hitler.

Chicken #9-this November I will have been married 20 years. I want to take a trip with my husband for this joyous occasion. Only issue is I want to do it as a surprise. How might I get that done?

Chicken #10- my new boss was in 2nd grade in 1992. I need a promotion.

Chicken #11-my next post will be my 200th.  I can't believe that number.  I don't even remember the past few months.  Did I really blog about it?

WOW! I feel better. Thank you for reading my gibberish.

*all chicken pictures are borrowed from Google Images

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Communication? Relationships? I don't really know.

There have been so many things that have happened over the last few days/weeks that I want to post about and yet it seems that the busy-ness(I know that is not a word but this is my blog) of my life. I sit here at my computer on a Saturday morning catching up on the other blogs and emails from home and still the thoughts are running amuck.

Although Christmas has created almost no major drama, there is always drama to be had. I find that a lot of drama can be found as a result of the internet and society's new “ways” to communicate.

This brings me to a question that has been lingering in my head for a few weeks now.

What is a relationship?

The definition of a relationship according to dictionaries is : the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: as a : kinship b : a specific instance or type of kinship.

What the heck does that even mean?

When I was in junior high (7-8 grades) we patiently waited for a boy to “ask us out”. This usually consisted of telling friends that you “liked” someone and they would tell the boy’s friends and so on and so on. Maybe you would get a note passed to you or maybe this would be an encounter by your locker. We had dances. You didn’t necessarily dance until the slow dance with your “boyfriend” but you “knew” that when the time came you were not sitting on the bleachers when that song came on. When you “broke up” it was traumatic to your little heart but you got over it because someone would usually say that “his friend” liked you too.

I had three “relationships” in junior high. One was with Jason. This was a “relationship” that I had from 2nd grade on. Jason and I kissed each other under the desks one day and again on the playground because “our friends” did not believe that it really happened. Jason and I "liked" each other and when he moved away he would still call me on occasion just to talk. I look back on this as a mother and have to chuckle. When in 6th grade he called to say he was moving back to town, I was so excited. He came back a hoodlum. I was mortified. He still wanted to “go out” but being the “good little girl” that I was this scared the crap out of me. “What would my daddy think if he ever met this boy?”

That was usually the deciding factor in EVERYTHING that I did. Scary, looking back and knowing that the decisions in my life always revolved around what my daddy would think.

My second relationship in junior high was with Todd (not the Todd you think). I had a HUGE crush on his older brother and thought that he would be just like him. This was so far from the case. Todd was as shy as could be and when one of the boys that he was friendly with told him that I planned on kissing him at the dance during a slow dance Friday night, he broke up with me. (Side note: I found out later that Jason was the one instrumental in creating this rumor)

My third relationship was with Danny. There was a sweet boy that I knew that Daddy would approve of. I broke up with him eventually only because I was leaving to go to another school and did not want to have to deal with a “long distance relationship”.

We broke up in person or on the phone but usually, it was in person.

This whole post is in response to two things that recently took place in my life.

Back in the beginning of December, I logged on to my Facebook account and found my son Peanut was in a “relationship”. This to me was somewhat amusing. What type of relationship can an 8th grade boy have with a girl that lived three towns away? He asked her out on Facebook by messaging her.

A few weeks later he posted that he was now “single”. This was even funnier to me because in my mind he had been single all along. She broke up with him on Facebook by messaging him.

She broke up with him because he was never on line. Little did she know that he had been grounded from the computer by his mother because he had bad grades. What happened to the personal communication that we used to have?

Then the final straw to my questioning mind broke.

Remember my story about #8’s new girl. Maybe not, maybe you need to read back all about #8. I knew it would not work out, but I am only the big sister.

Wednesdays have been our day to have #8 for dinner over the course of the past few months. He would come and use the computer, stay for dinner and have a great time talking. He did this throughout his fantasy football league. But now it is over and I have no idea what possessed me to call him. Maybe it is the bond the two of us have. I emailed him to tell him we were having homemade lasagna and I was fully aware that #3 had just left that day and maybe he wanted to celebrate. Then again maybe I just missed seeing him. Either way he agreed to come. He had had a bad experience that day and wanted to vent.

The “chick” he had been dating broke up with him that day. BY A TEXT MESSAGE. He was furious. Not that he hasn’t already had enough crap happen in his life but this was enough to make him rant.

#8 is 32 years old and when the two of them started dating he said she was so much younger than him. She was 27. When I questioned how that could be he said she didn’t like to “talk” she only liked to email and text. He was mad as hell that she broke up with him by text. He was not mad that she broke up with him but that she did it by text.

So the whole thing lately that has bothered me is what happened to the personal communication? Why is it that if we are going to break a heart or pump one up, we can’t do it face to face?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Alright, I will admit it, I suck! I have been really bad at getting my stuff done. My work at home is piling up and the work at work is not much different. I have become very forgetful lately and have gone some days forgetting that I need to use the ladies room periodically. This is not something that is good when you have a funky bladder.

But I accomplished something this past weekend that I didn’t think that I would do.

I finished reading a book. This book has been sitting on the end of my bed for the last few months. I read a little and then put it down. Finally all 737 pages have been read. My opinion? No, no opinion here, this is pure fact. I will never read another damn book if it has been on Oprah’s list of books to read.

She sucks more than me. I just spent three months choking down the second book that she recommended about hell on earth.

This book that I just read will remain a mystery to most, unless you are on my “goodreads list”, but let me tell you this. I know that life sucks for a lot of people. I have been that mom trying to make ends meet when the car breaks down while sitting on a thread bare couch. I also realized that this book was meant to be a depiction in earlier times but that doesn’t change the fact that the whole town was messed up.

I have read many posts about New Year’s resolutions and have seen many posts on “crack”book about what people are setting their goals for the year 2011. I can tell you now that there will be none of that from me.

I will however pick up the other two books that are on my bed and start reading again.