Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chicken Stew

Free Range Chickens are the only chickens around here lately.

I think with the two large snow storms that we have had around here and then also the holidays, the coop got damaged and hence the randomness of the chickens.

For those of you who haven’t been around since the beginning, I suffer from attention; hey, did you see that chicken?

Well this post is all about chickens because sometimes when I point those out they come back on their own and I can then gather the eggs and feel like I have accomplished something.

Chicken #1-Sarah Palin did not shoot Rep Giffords. Stop posting the shit on the internet and keep your mother effing opinions to yourself or I will delete you from my friends list, or better yet (wait right here…) HAH! I just blocked your wall postings. I feel better.

Chicken #2-My Jelly is going for his license. I feel extremely old and am scared to death as to how much my car insurance will increase.

Chicken #3-No shit, I tell you no lie…I received a bill from the electric company for $14,882.56. Yup, tell me I was in the wrong to call and argue this bill. Better yet, tell me I was right in smacking my husband upside the head when he told me that I better not just pay it. Who the hell has that kind of money in their checking account? Seriously? How long have we been married?

Chicken #4-I planned on working from home today during the snowstorm. Instead, I shoveled for 5.5 hours straight with only 2 butt breaks and even they were outside while I brushed off the cars. I hurt everywhere.

Chicken #5- I desperately need a haircut.

Chicken #6- I am reading a book right now and if the woman who wrote it didn’t live in Utah and have 3 more kids than me I would swear she and I were twins.

Chicken #7 –Speaking of Sarah Palin…see the brain works weird…Does it bother anyone else that she had the biggest bi-atch in the world on her show and I lost a little respect for Alaska letting her in. Oh yeah, and I love her dad.

Chicken #8-the military channel sucks. Just saying. It is the only thing on my tv lately is Hitler.

Chicken #9-this November I will have been married 20 years. I want to take a trip with my husband for this joyous occasion. Only issue is I want to do it as a surprise. How might I get that done?

Chicken #10- my new boss was in 2nd grade in 1992. I need a promotion.

Chicken #11-my next post will be my 200th.  I can't believe that number.  I don't even remember the past few months.  Did I really blog about it?

WOW! I feel better. Thank you for reading my gibberish.

*all chicken pictures are borrowed from Google Images


Kristina P. said...

20 years is a long time!

And how did that ridiculous bill get resolved?

middleagedcrazywoman said...

20 years is HUGE - I have a thought. Do you have a sister? I say sister over brother as they tend to follow thru more BUT if you do, go tell her to help you (she will I'm sure) tell her the basics of what you want then ask her to get your hubby moving on it.

And not to mention any of the plans to you except to reserve some time off.

Might work.

Ps- That's a lot of chicken.


M-Cat said...

Amen to so many of these!

For my 40th BD - SPlenda Daddy called my boss and arranged for my schedule to not have any meetings scheduled, then he surprised me with some reason that he had to come home and meet me, and then we ran away for a night at a B & B with our besties.

Okay, that sounded wierd. Our besties had their own rooms of course - my point is, use some trickery and surprise him!

And I want to hear the saga of how that bill gets taken care of. And it better not involve you flashing the good boob.

Daffy said...

I don't think that was craziness at all.

In fact it was THE PERFECT POST

If every post was like that I no doubt would make the time to read way more blogs than I do.

Wow...did I say that out loud?

Hmph...I forgot to feed the dog.

Anyway, super awesome post...even if it did use chickens instead of ducks. But I'm cool with chickens...feathered friends and all