Monday, December 27, 2010

Day after the day after...

I know the craziness that is my life on occasion gets in the way of the simple pleasure that is my blog.

I also know that I promised some drama for the holidays and well, there was no real drama this year.

I do have a few stories, so to sum them up in a simple blog, here they are. Pictures sometimes make the best points.

Just before Thanksgiving, my mother's sweet neighbor gave my mom a brown plush snuggie.  We all laugh at snuggies but this is the warmest blanket-slash-sleeved whatever you call it in my house.  Butter has stolen it from me and it is usually a fight to get it back.  So, for Christmas he asked my MIL to get him one.  His came with Snuggie socks too.
Peanut didn't want anything for Christmas under $250 so my MIL filled a stocking for him hoping that he would like that.  He also got some clothes from people and was thrilled to death...his favorite present however was the new Tracfone that MIL got him for $9.97 at wally world.  See, you can make someone happy with just a simple under $10 item.

or something cheaper like a red bow to match your eyes.

Jelly was thrilled with his stocking stuffers.  He asked for NOTHING for Christmas.  I am serious.  He was the hardest to buy for.  He only gave us two hints...gloves that are thin and a fushigi.  He got both.

Christmas morning came and the kids were excited.  Since Peanut asked for an iPod touch, a bike (valued at almost $300 and/or a lap top, we thought we would teach him a lesson.  The bike in the background is Butter's...but Peanut got an orange in a bag.  We wrote on the outside open last.  He got all giddy and started ripping open the bag because he thought that he would get the iPod.  When he pulled out the orange he was all confused and looked at hubby with a look of horror.  Hubby asked what else was in the bag.  Peanut pulled out a letter saying "Orange you glad you opened me last?  Match my color to the item on the porch for your last gift."  He is still holding the orange in the picture.

We then got in the car and went to my mom's.  This is where the craziness usally takes place. For some reason it when very smooth and maybe because my SILs are finally getting the message.  We had three new additions to the mix this year. 

#5 has a new girl.  She is really sweet and even after I seriously wenched on the poor girl for screwing up my method of cleaning after dinner, she was smiling and I knew she would make it.  She had #2 in the grab and he usually is horrible.  Did I say horrible?  I mean merciless with his presents.  He usually throws it down and says something like, "oh great, a shirt that doesn't fit" or "Oh yippee, a tool that I will never use."  This year he loved the gift and commented on how wonderful she was and how thoughtful that it was something that he would wear. She passed that test too.

#8 has a new girl too...not the winner we were hoping for.  At one point someone asked if she was having a good time.  Her comment was, "well at least I have a glass of wine in my hand".  Did not go over well.
#3 did not have his 5 children come with their girlfriends and boyfriends so the amount of people at my mom was only 30. 
See the little guy in the background?  The one on #2's second's lap?  That was the third new addition to my moms this year and he made the whole day so much better.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and one without drama as well.  Would never have thought to ask for that for a present but it was the best one this year.
Let's hope for a great NEW YEAR TOO!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a ...oh just read on and see.

Okay, I write last night that I don’t have time to blog about the goings on in my life and then today something happens that makes me think “I will truly forget to post about this, it cannot wait”.

The Christmas time is a time in my life that I value family. I believe that the best thing that you can do is take some time and truly love where you came from and what has made you what you are today. It is also a time to value yourself and your beliefs. It is also a time to get together with the normal ones in your family and talk about how bad someone needs a good ole fashioned kick in the head.

In this case, #3 may need more than a kick in the head. He has been hit by two cars, ran his moped into a telephone pole and had 2 tons of 2X4s fall on his head one by one. I don’t think that his head has any effect on his behavior. Now it is my whole hearted belief that he needs to have a pole shoved up his arse so far that maybe the common sense that is in his pants can have a chance to make it back up.

Let me back up…

Remember back in June when I told you all about how he came up to Massachusetts for a few weeks to “find a job”? Remember how I told you he left his 15 year old son behind? Remember when I told you that the woman that he lives with in Florida is NOT the mother of the 15 year old son? Well, let me fill you in since June.

The 15 year old, basically left on his own, was being picked on at school. With no father around to talk to and a “woman” in the house who didn’t care too much one way or another, he took the situation into his own hands and beat the ever living daylights out of a kid. Seriously injuring the child, to the point where charges were brought against him.

When #3 returned to Florida, he informed his son that the only reason he came back was because #8 told him that he could not leave him behind. So he was going to have to leave so that he could move back to Massachusetts. (Pointing out right now that he told his 15 year old son that he was kicking him out) Son spent the summer in Maine with his mother, another long story but not important at this time, where he met a girl. This girl told son that if he moved back to Maine for good she would have sex with him. What 15 year old boy would not have his bags packed. (Well, besides mine who are so innocent and well behaved)

Son returned back to Florida for the hearing and received his sentence and then packed his bags and moved to Maine. Where he is living now with the mother and his ½ sister and from what I understand the soon to be ex husband…or something like that.

In the meantime, #3 has decided that he is “coming home for the holidays”. He packed his truck and left this morning.

The “girlfriend” that he has been with for 13 years is still in Florida. Jackass never told her that he was leaving “for good” or has had a conversation with her for the last month about the possibility. Nope, the spineless effup had a lawyer do it.

In the meantime, he has invited all of his children to live with #8 over the holiday too. #8 is pretty upset at this time. #8 has never seen #3 for what he really is but now his eyes are open.

Back up and tell you that #8 is a widower that lives alone with his two cats. Now he is being inundated with 1 alcoholic eff up, 2 nephews and their girlfriends, one of which is pregnant, 1 niece and the boyfriend she is bringing and two other nephews. Yup 8 additional mouths to feed and house without any support financially from #3. Why, because he hasn’t had a job in over 3 years and has no intention of getting one either.

So, #3’s girlfriend sent #8 this message a few weeks back…

Just wanted to say "thank you" for the effort you have put forth, to terminate a 13 year relationship, and screw me over, at the same time!

I thought much higher of you, until this!

Today he received this one…

I am filing charges against #3 for RAPE / assult and larceny. And I will be sending him his dog!

Good luck with him.

(her misspelling not mine)

So, this is the beginning of the holiday cheer for all of you. I myself am very interested to see how this all plays out.

Hope you are to.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a quick catch up...i'll be back

Well, it has been a few since my last post and let me tell you something. Change is inevitable. I guess just being able to flow with it is a blessing in itself.

Let me tell you about my last few weeks.

I turned 42 a few weeks back and since then my life has been a whirlwind.

I had the best birthday week ever but am paying for it since.

I worked only two days my birthday week. I have been catching up at work since.

It is renewal time and since I have done over 800,000 dollars in new sales last year and over 1.5 million in renewals, I have my work cut out for me right now. I am literally drowning and don’t see relief around the corner. In fact, I see myself slowly getting deeper and deeper.

My VP quit in October and last Tuesday we met the replacement. We all sat around a large table listening how this VP was going to make great changes and ½ hour later, I learned the first big change.

I no longer work for that department. I have been moved to the sales department. I know that sounds weird after just telling you how much I did in sales, but I worked for the Marketing Department before now.

I move sometime this week and on top of doing all my work, I am packing my desk and getting ready to move.

I sit here at home taking a break from working in order to catch you all up to date. I promise to tell you more soon because I got some good stories to tell.

See you soon.