Friday, September 17, 2010

Start of my vacation...12 noon tomorrow.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Friday.

Tomorrow noon, I board a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Where I will be for an entire week without my husband, without my kids, without the internet to post my experiences there, but I will survive.

I have already started to feel the stress release from my body.

This morning I woke up and took my shower and realized that I was WAY TOO pissed at my brother yesterday. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that the response that I received from him was that it was all my mother’s fault.

Sometime-insert shaking head here-I wonder if in fact there were two separate families growing up. The odds really have a weird way of blaming my parents…who by the way were great parents…for every screw up that they have had. I think I may have mentioned #5’s idea that my father could not be trusted. If not…I will have to tell you about that at another time, when I am not so relaxed.

I spent 3 extra hours at work last night so that I could leave early today.

Back to my trip…

I am going on my trip with my aunt (82), my mother (72), my cousin (69), my other cousin (62), my other cousin (58) and me (42).

Girls week.

My dad used to go and called it the week of “tons of fun”.

Four years later, they still laugh about the fun times they had with my dad…and now the fun they have with me.

I bitch and complain about my mom a lot and the fact that she has become a complete pain lately with the demands and the tears, but I look forward to this week every year for the last 4 years.

I promise to have pictures, and if I can figure out how to upload them during the week from my phone, I will.

Enjoy your week everyone! See you the end of September.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

#3 Strikes again and this time I want to strike him

Happy Thursday to all of you! Again the week has progressed to be pretty crazy. Remember my post the other day about being a mean mom? Well, we got the call yesterday afternoon that the sprain of the ankle was in fact, fractured.

Surprise! This is not the first time this has happened to me. Peanut walked on a broken foot at the age of 4 for 2 days before they called and told me that the radiologist read the x-ray and found it to be broken. The following year he broke his ankle and it took two weeks and three different x-rays and one hell of an irritated mother before they found the fracture. –tidbit, a 5 year old does not baby a foot or leg for more than a few hours if it not broken.

But back to the meanest mother comment, I posted yesterday that “my week for phone calls”…blah, blah, radiologist…fracture…whatever.

Speaking to my friend later in the day she mentioned that my MF, #3 brother was commenting on my Facebook post and kept deleting it. She said it happened at least twice. She also said that there was something about my parenting skills and the self esteem of my children but she couldn’t remember what it was because as soon as he posted it, he deleted it.

Did you know that when you post something on somebody’s comment, they get notified…even if you delete it? Were you aware that even if you think that the person does not know, they know?

Well, I have to post what he wrote on my blog and then SPEW my comments back at you.

#3 wrote:

"Let me be the one to warn you of such actions and the result it will have... Calling your child a "Clutz" or referring to him as "Accident Prone" will have... Never mind... He will adapt. He may isolate himself and not want to be part of but... Either way he ultimately know how you feel and it will be affirmed later in life when you, or some one else, brings up the topic again and again and again."

And then there was this one…

#3 wrote:

"You may have fun on his expense now but later on when it seems he just doesnt care about others concerns or even considers others opinions... He was programmed early."

Alright, now let me back up here just a second and explain something to those of you who are new to the bubble. #3 is a total –beep,beep,beep-seriously though I can not even express in words how I honestly feel about him. Maybe if you go back and read the multiple posts I have written about him you will understand a little better.

And please if you are a member of the AA or any other 12 step program and are reading this, please do not take offense.

#3 put drugs and alcohol in front of his 5 children. He let his third leg do the thinking when it came time for him to be the parent. He had an affair on his wife when she was pregnant with his 5th child with a drug addict that he was bringing back in forth to the hospital for treatment of AIDS. He moved 12 states away from his children and could care less about the financial responsibility needed. He ignored the cries for help that his children all had during their lives, causing one of them to attempt suicide and another to emancipate herself at the age of 14. He has two children that do not want to have anything to do with him and, and, and, and,

And he is telling ME…this humbo, jumbo, horsecrap that they dish out during his meetings…how to raise my children?

HE is telling ME that I have “programmed” my children.

I could not be more pissed. I sent him an email. I was not nice. I told him pretty plain and simple to stay off of my wall and out of my life.

I have no sympathy for someone who should be continuously reminded of the Eff up that they have become. You are right we are not a family of niceties. You are right again, we will tell you that you screwed up and we will continuously remind you of it. I don’t give a rat’s arse who the heck you think you are but you are no way shape and form a role model for me or anyone that should be telling me how to raise my children.

Side note to just my readers...Just in case, I didn’t tell you, I am on vacation next week. I am going to Martha’s Vineyard with the women. I think I need this vacation away from EVERYONE!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dude, where is your class?

Dude, about 4 years ago my son came home from school and proceeded to call me that for the next three hours. After that, out of fear of pooping molars, he stopped.

Dude, then just about 6 months went by and they hired a new girl at work. Dude, this girl was pretty cool. She was much younger than the rest of them but we found out very soon that would not be a problem. Dude, as her admin, she came in three times or so and called me Dude and that was when I snapped. Not like, go postal on her buttocks and pull her hair out, just simply with the death stare that all mothers have and the teeth rearing, “last I checked I was not a dude” and then never again did she call me “dude”

Dude, I cannot stand the word Dude. It is like fingernails on a chalk board and knuckle cracking.

Dude, my 30something year old brother (#7) has a problem. He can’t stop saying it and then on top of that he has his two kids saying it too.

His 4 year old calls everyone Dude. They think is funny to call me “Auntie Dude”. I wonder how funny it will be when they need to call the plumber to remove his “dude” from the toilet.

Anydude, that is not the main question. My question is pretty simple. Whose funky farm were you brought up on and do you actually brush your teeth or use the plunger? Cause let me tell you “DUDE, you talk like crap and it is disgusting to boot.”

Recently, my boys did some work for #7 and when they returned home they did not think that #7 was cool at all. In fact the topic of conversation between the two was how inappropriate #7 was. They do not think that it is cool to point out every woman’s butt cheeks nor the size of her top. My boys were mortified that their 8 year old cousin was cat calling women and calling them hot mama’s as they walked by. My boys were horrified that their 4 year old cousin was calling their mother a Sexy Mama and Dude.

And they came home saying Dude.

So let me sum it up for you!

Grow the F Up DUDE! You are a father to two very impressionable minds. Stop talking like a truck driver…oh wait, my husband is a truck driver and does not talk that way…Sewer worker and show some respect.

If you don’t show respect to your wife and other women now, your boys will never ever respect them and that is not the way you were brought up.

And let the record show-I AM NOT AN EFFING DUDE!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meany, Meany, yup thats me

Alright, I will be the first to admit that I am a HORRIBLE, MEAN mother. Yup, I don’t baby my babies and I make them do slave labor for their lunch money. I have even been known to strap my kids to a chair while I was busy doing something. All that being said, I was called a mean mother yesterday and you know what…I asked the girl who called me that if she in fact was not getting to be just like me and she said yes.

Here is the situation. I received a call yesterday afternoon. The call was from Jelly’s school nurse. If you are new to the bubble you may not know Jelly broke his hand last year.

He punched a wall and broke his freakin’ hand…typical male.

So when the call came in yesterday, I shuttered. WTF now! Seriously? He was out on the soccer field and fell down on his ankle and he and the kid next to him heard the crack and crunch. Now Jelly can not apply any weight on the ankle or he screams with pain.

After hearing this, my question was, I thought justified, “Did you call his father?”

Holy crap, did I get shit from the nurse. “No, you are the mother and we thought that you would want to come and get him. This ankle needs to be checked out.” Okay, bite the tongue and put on my best phone smile and simply tell the nurse. “Dad works less than 15 minutes from the school and is out of work by now and I am 1 hour away. I will come and get him if you cannot reach his dad but please call Dad first.”

At which point the nurse told me that I would need to call Dad and if I could not get a hold of him I would need to come…but he needed to be picked up. Smile, grin, grit, pain, call dad, get voice mail, tell boss I got to leave early, get in car and hit the Pike.

I called my friend, who said “why didn’t they call Dad?” Oh boy that set me off.

I told her that to top off the conversation with the nurse at the school, the conversation with the doctor’s office was that much more fun.

It was currently 1:45 ish and they could see Jelly at 6:10 pm. Wait, I could go and pay a $75 copay at the ER, if I thought that it was that bad.

Well, I told my friend that nothing was that bad. Jelly would have to suck it up and wait until 6:10 because there was no way I was spending the time in the ER. I HATE the ER! This was the first time I was called mean that day.

I went to the school to get him. It was barely swollen and the secretary helped Jelly out to the car. She was all concerned about him but since there was no swelling and I needed to know how bad it really was, I told him to get out of the wheelchair and get in the car without help. Ms. C’s face fell to the ground and when he was in the car…mind you without incident…she said “Wow, that was mean, I was willing to help him in the car.”

I just smiled and tilted my head to the side and said…”it isn’t really that bad, he is a 17 year old boy who doesn’t need to be babied.” Then off to home I went.

Fast forward to the fact that I would not make him hot dogs for a snack nor would I make his ice tea. Butter came home from school and I made him play slave to his brother {who, BTW, had no problem getting around}.

While waiting for the x-rays I told the technician that Jelly assured me he was not pregnant. This is when Jelly told me I was mean.

Later when I was home he wanted me to change my Facebook status…so I did to “Butthead of a kid tells me to change my status because his entire life is on Facebook. So I am changing my status to 17 Year Old Klutzes should be more careful if they don't want their life displayed.”

That is when Peanut, who was wetting his pants laughing, told me I was mean.

So, if you want sympathy from me…it aint happenin! I am mean!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random spewing of my brain

There are 101 things that are going through my head lately and I am trying hard to settle them down and it just aint happnin.

So I thought that I would give you a real quick rundown of the last few and maybe I will feel better.

I came home three weeks ago from our little family vacation and I am just catching up on the crapola at work. I need some help here and soon, it is in the budget for the next year but seriously folks? I am one person doing the job of 6 across the hall and 7 upstairs. I have generated over 1.3 million in new and renewing revenue and I am drowning.

We spent 1 more week after vacation at the camp and then it was home for school to start. My baby, as I mentioned before, started middle school at the age of 9. As nervous as I was, I am starting to think this was the best move ever! He is out of the house with Peanut at 7:15 am and I am right behind them. This is making it easier for me to get to work at a normal time and then home again at a normal time. {this is totally provided that you are not trying to catch up from a vacation}. Peanut has become the most amazing kid.

I may have mentioned that he was great during the vacation and the attitude was very limited. Since school has started the episodes are still to a minimum. I believe a lot has to do with Football season and a AWESOME revelation from the school.

Peanut has been placed in all honors classes and he is so proud of himself. Without needing to say anything at all, he is doing his homework.

There are still a few episodes with Dad lately, but that is partly because Dad is being a prick. Oops, did I say that out loud. Really, I think that I did. I read other peoples blogs and hear how awesome their hubbies are and how they could not live without him and how he does these wonderful things without being asked. 90% of the time, I might even believe them.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Dad is great. I love him dearly and would not want to live without him…BUT…when he is being a prick, he is a prick. Lately, he hates his job and is taking the crap home and being a prick. He yells at the kids for the slightest thing and he and Peanut, who are WAY TO MUCH ALIKE, get going there is nothing to be said then, they are both being pricks.

Jelly is just a few weeks away from having his license. This excites me a little but scares me half to death. The best is that I have only given him limited lessons with the stick shift, so it will be dad’s car that he drives more often than not. That makes me happy but scared as well. Remember a few moments ago I said something…well, when it comes to the car, Dad can be a prick.

I had a rough time on Friday with my mom and when I went to apologize for making up an excuse to get her off the phone getting her upset…she started all over again. And then I was trapped. In real life, within a few feet and desperately needing an out. So I dropped Butter in her lap and then ran like crazy out the door.

Driving away I realized that I have less than a week to straighten out my shit. I leave on vacation, with her and the cousins and aunt, next Saturday. We are going to Martha’s Vineyard for an entire week. Does anyone have any antidepressants that I can slip into her banana without her knowing?

Butter is starting to show the true colors of being the baby of the house. Now that middle school has been added to the mix, I have insisted that he get up and get himself dressed. This includes picking out his own clothes. I still throw his breakfast in the toaster for him but refuse to take it out and this is causing a ruckus every morning. This creates a situation by the end of the day when he wants Dad to do something for him. It has resulted in a few too many screaming matches and then a bunch of tears. He is overtired and Dad is a prick. I just love coming home.

Well, I got some off my shoulders and I am about to hit the gym…so maybe tomorrow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sorry, just had to get it need to read

As I sit at home on a Friday night trying to figure out my life and the mess that I have created, I started thinking about all of the recent things that I have had going on and the lack of time to blog about it.

But tonight, after getting all of the life sucked out of me, during a 10 minute phone conversation with my mother, I started counting the many blessings that I have in my life.

Last weekend, my boys and I spent some time with some friends that we don’t always have time to spend with and one of the things we did was live bait fish. Come Monday morning, we were out of live bait and Peanut and I went to the bait shop to get more.

My mom and dad were friends with a couple that they somehow lost touch with over the years. Mickie and Tom had grandchildren dropped on their doorstep long after their kids had moved out and Mickie’s mom developed Alzheimer’s and was now their burden to handle as well. Now in their late 50’s they were taking care of an elderly woman who was in the same situation as the two children under the age of 5.

The day of my dad’s funeral, Tom stood outside the church crying uncontrollably because “he had no idea”.

It is friends like that make me cry myself. I don’t want to loose touch. I want to be able to spend time when I have that time…

But the tangent has a reason. Mickie now runs her son’s bait shop out of the old barn. So we went to see Mickie and Tom for the shiners and worms. 15-20 years later, they can work from home and still be together.

Mickie graduated with my mom from college and the big reunion, my 20th and my mom’s 50th is this year. Mickie asked me to get my mom to call her so they can go together.

The reason I called my mom. 10 minutes later and a whole bunch of tears, I needed to hang up. I was getting mad at my mom and I promised myself to eliminate the drama. I hate that my mom is drama, but since my dad died there has been nothing but. She even said it today, it has been 4 years, you would think it would be done by now. Of course she meant something completely different than me, but the point is still there.

I don’t want to be the bitter old lady. I don’t want to be the woman who cannot cook her own meal out of fear of eating alone.

I spent a week, ALL BY MYSELF, this summer. Butter spent the week with the ILs and Daddy, Jelly and Peanut were at scout camp. The loneliness never came. I will be the first to admit; I hated having to make my own coffee but didn’t hate not running out of creamer. I wasn’t the biggest fan of eating by myself but loved the fact that I could eat vegetables without the funky faces of the boys sitting with them on their plates. I very much disliked not having someone warm next to me in bed but loved that I could stretch out my legs and still not be kicked.

I am a woman who loves her alone time. I love to be able to read and not be nudged because the toothpaste got on the toilet seat and someone could not wipe it off their own arse.

I love my children and loved the time we spent together the following week but I learned that I will be okay when and if the time ever comes when I am alone.

As long as I have my blog to vent, I will be okay.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wrap 'n it up!

Another day goes by and I have finally downloaded the pictures needed to finish my story…

Here are the pictures from the first mini golf day…the second we were missing cameras and phones so we did not get any pictures.
Butter lining up...he ended up with 2 holes in one that day.
Poor Peanut had none.
Daddy ended up with 2 holes in one too.
Jelly had a hole in one too.
The kids just 'love' when i make them pose for a picture.
Especially when I get Daddy to wear the eye patch they give you.  Peanut and Butter had no problem puting in on...Jelly on the other hand refused.

I have seen myself in this top in a few different pictures and I think it is time to burn it.

Here are the pictures from Sabbady Falls. This was one of the great hikes that week.

On Friday, we took scenic route 302 through New Hampshire and into Maine to the coast. We had lunch, played mini golf and then hit the downtown area.

During our trip downtown, we got there just in time for the kick off ceremonies for the Special Olympics. Having two cousins with special needs makes the boys very aware of what it takes to participate. My boys have hearts of gold and clapped through the entire ceremony. It was very touching

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

day three and four...

As I sit here preparing to tell you about day three and four of our summer vacation, I am also thinking about the fact that my little guy starts Middle School tomorrow. He is going into the 4th grade. Everyone that hears that gets the funky squeamish face…Middle School at 4th grade? So bear with me as I rush through the next two days.

{oh the funny part about this is this was last week and now he has been in school for over a week and loving every minute of the middle school experience...but more about that later-and now on to one of yesterdays promises}
On Wednesday morning we woke up just a little later than the day before but not much. I think this day I was up and making the coffee at 6:45 am instead. While waiting for the coffee to brew, I downed a few Advil in the hopes to make my knees stop hurting. Oh yeah, and my back, oh and maybe my arse muscles as well. Tuesday’s hike down the mountain did such a number on my knees that I could barely walk the long hike to the bathroom Wednesday morning. So without needing too much convincing the others decided Wednesday would be a good day for Mini Golf.

My boys LOVE mini golf and especially, Pirates Cove Mini Golf. Our goal as a family is to hit every one of these courses over the next few years. We only have two more to go. We conquered two just on this trip.

-mini golf pictures to be seen at a later time-
After the golf session, we took a trip up to Cannon Mountain. Butter was very young when the Old Man of the Mountain fell and so he does not remember the trips we took back then. To teach him a little history and take some Not-so-tough-hiking-trails, we decided to head up in that direction.

It was a wonderful day. The weather could not have cooperated more. At one point in time, I actually pinched Peanut and Jelly to make sure that they were my children. Even they were AWESOME. The whole stress free, decide as we go, concept of this vacation was fantastic.
here we are looking up to see where the Old Man used to be.

This is the Eagle Cliffs...can you see why they call it that?

While doing one of the little hikes here at Profile Lake, Peanut needed to take a little walk on his own.  This picture is him raising a fist at Daddy because he kept saying that he was taking a picture of him while he was "busy".

During the day we all decided that the trip to the beach was not what we wanted to do…so before dinner we went and paid for one more night in the mountains. Plan at that time was leave Friday morning. The family who owned the campground was some of the nicest people that we had ever met. The owner’s daughter was running the office and at the age of 16 she had had a stroke. She gave us some great ideas of where to hike with the kids that were not as GRUESOME as the one up to lonesome lake on Tuesday.

So Thursday morning, we were up and at ‘em. Donned the hiking boots once again and off to the Kancamagus Highway and one, possibly two more hikes, lunch at the lower falls and dinner with the nephews.
and the close up of those happy smiling joyous bubbling with excitement boys of mine...
i still think that Jelly needs a neck brace...every picture of his tilts to the side.

The hike up to Sabbaday Falls was absolutely breathtaking. The view of the waterfalls and the scent of nature were absolutely breathtaking. I wish it were not so sunny (ha ha ha) so that we could have taken some better pictures but if you Google “Sabbaday Falls NH” there are some more professional ones there.

-these pictures are on my camera so I will need to download them later-

Then off to the lower falls, where the boys love the river. The falls and the winter run off have created some of the best natural water slides anywhere…we stayed for hours there and hence only one hike that day.
Peanut and Butter are the most daring of my children

The water is mighty cold here.  The falls are fed completely by mountain run off and never stop soooo...they stay cold.  Daddy is having a hard time getting used to it himself.

Jelly finally made it over and was very content sitting on the warmer rocks.

The scenery is amazing.

if you look closely here you can see Daddy under the little water fall.  They realized that they could sit and the water would go over thier head and they would still be able to breathe.

here they are trying to get Butter in...

He was not thrilled with the feeling because he is so small...but look now Peanut, Jelly and Daddy are all under the falls.

We were under the impression that my nephews lived on the other side of the Kanc and instead they were on the other side of the National Park. We went to visit and that is a post for a whole other day. #3 has really done it this time….
#3J just turned 21. Here he is showing off his baseball that he won along with $1000 for being the best Subway sandwich maker at a work contest.

Mount Washington is right outside their kitchen door and this is the view from their porch.

Since we had never been to the presidential range before, this was a great trip for us. A little too much going for everyone and Butter even fell asleep on the way back down the mountains on the other side.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just because!

Today is Tuesday, the first Tuesday of September, as a matter of fact and on my way into work I realized that the year 2010 is flying by and I have yet to get my act together. I have wanted to have so much more accomplished by this week but have realized that organization has not been my forte as of late. Okay, as of late is pushing it just a little, I should have said…in the past three years.

So, I am making a promise to you. I will finish my vacation stories by the end of this week (I have them all written but have not downloaded pictures). I will get back to the whole purpose of this blog and at the same time, now that I have internet at home, I will try and post more often.

I am also going to make a promise to myself. NEW ATTITUDE! I have worked hard over the last few years to let the SUCKERS OF LIFE go. You know who I mean. Those people, who no matter how happy and upbeat you are, always find a way to twist what you mean or say and become nasty. Or those people that you greet with a smile and say, “how are you?” tell you how miserable their life is (and you are stuck listening to it). Or how about those people who whine and complain about something that you may be able to control and when you try and do something about it, all of a sudden have something else to do…?

I have started this NEW ATTITUDE a few weeks back. I have not gone out of my way to welcome and invite and have left it up to others…if you want to spend time with me, you can make the effort too. I have been spending more time with my family, who I realize may not be in the dynamics that they are right now for very much longer.

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever. I had plans going into Friday and then...lo and behold…those plans all came crashing down. So since it was just the boys and I, we “wonged it”. This was Butters quote all weekend long.

Friday night to celebrate the boys all being back in school (and my lack of desire to cook dinner), I took the three boys to Chinese food. The food was great but the service lacked. I did something that I have never done before…I left only a 10% tip. We were seated and rushed to give our order and then left with no one coming by the table after that. We were given our food and had to fight to get the waiter to give us our check. What should have been 45 minutes total trip took almost 1 ½ hours. We asked for water and never got it. I said to the boys that I wasn’t happy about the service and since no one would come over to our table, there was no other way to complain.

The honey was supposed to work all weekend long and was not coming home on Saturday night, so the boys and I packed our stuff for a weekend at the camp and off we went. Butter would ask, what are we going to do now, and I would say we were going to “wing it” hence the weekend was “wonged”.

We met some friends on Saturday afternoon for tubing on the lake. That is me and Butter in the picture above.  This was planned 1 hour before we left and it was the greatest impromptu trip. The boys went boating and fishing on a lake 8 times the size of our pond and loved every minute of it.

On the trip home we stopped and did our grocery shopping. The next morning we shipped off Butter to the Woodstock fair and had friends over for fishing. Live bait fishing is the best and it was our first time this year.

Sunday, Peanut and I hit the bait shop early and we spent the day on the dock fishing again. Just us…just the family.

On the way to work this morning, I realized that this was one of the few times that I have ever spent the weekend doing exactly what I am supposed to do. Relaxing and enjoy my life. Not spending it trying to please others or make nice with people. Just relax.

I have so much to tell and so little time to do it in but the holidays are quickly approaching and so is the family fun. And as a little teaser…the family is expanding again. No marriages so to speak but babies!