Monday, August 30, 2010

Camping Away day 2

Considering the fact that I have nothing better to do than sit around and tell you stories…oh wait, not the case but I just can’t help it.

Day two of our vacation started out really early. I was up at the crack of dawn, even before the sun came over the mountains. I needed to pee really badly and could not hold it any longer. When you are set up next to a river or stream and all you hear all night long is water…it makes you have to go.

So up I got and once I was up I couldn’t get back down. Neither could my husband, so at 6:15 am we were up making coffee and sitting talking about the day.

See we had been given this book by a really good friend

We looked up some good trails to hike and then it was off to wake the children.

This sounds a lot easier than it was…

We started off at the Basin…check out the view on the way there…

And hiked 2.5 miles up to Lonesome Lake. Along the way we saw all sorts of great picture spots, wildlife and even some unique bugs.

Two and half hours later we arrived at the top of the mountain at the lake and the view was breathtaking.

The Appalachian Trail members have huts that you can rent when you are hiking. This type of hut requires months advance notice and cost about $90/night. Just remember, this is not a walk in the woods but a hike to the top of a mountain.

The way down was ½ the time but harder on the knees. And when we arrived we all swam in the river. BRRRRR, it is cold there, but so much fun.

After the hike, we went to the grocery store for dinner food and back to the campground to discuss the next day. The decision over dinner was to spend another night in the mountains and head to the beach on Thursday. So we asked to spend another night, the camp site was available so the plan was made, one more day.

That night, we spent the evening hours playing a family game of pool. My hubby the pool shark lost three times to Jelly and I because Peanut kept scratching on the eight ball. Yeah for us, boo for them.

These are some more of the pictures we took on the hike UP the mountain.  The trail went right along the river the whole way up...and I mean UP!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping Away

It has been over 5 years since I have taken a full week off with my family for a vacation. The boys have been very busy with scouts the last few years, then with the start of two new jobs in between, it made it hard to take the time. But this year I decided that I would make the time.

I have been going through some tough times at work. They have let some people go and others have quit and not yet been replaced, putting just a little more strain on my time. I am salary and still working almost 50 hours a week. This is especially hard knowing that the boys are at home alone during their summer vacation. I needed this past week.

So I need to tell you about the conditions of this particular vacation and then over the next few posts I will tell you how it all turned out.

First condition…there are no time schedules. This was to be a stress free week and the boys were all informed well ahead of time, I was not being rushed and we had no clocks to worry about so if we made it later than expected or didn’t make it somewhere at all it was okay.

Second condition…there were no plans! Absolutely no plans at all. We would sit and discuss with the whole group what we wanted to do and then we would do it. If 4 out of 5 liked an idea, we would do it.

Third condition…this was a inexpensive trip that we could enjoy just by spending time with each other.

So Monday morning we backed the car…tight as could be, and hit the road. We decided to head to the mountains and off we went.

Three hours later we were looking at some of the most beautiful country that God has made. Well at least some of us…others of us were taking a nap.

Remember the no plans thing…yeah, that meant we had no reservations anywhere either. So we drove to the first campground that we found on the internet via our NEW droids (don’t know how I ever lived with out one in the past). This place was alright but not what I was looking for.

#1- port-a-toilets!

#2-a mile walk to the bathroom if you didn’t want to use the port-a- toilet

#3-outdoor showers

Then off to the second place on the internet…they had the room for two nights but we would need to move each day so it made it difficult to get settled and the MAIN reason I opted for no on this campground... BEARS! The ranger told me that there have been 8 tents ruined by bears looking for food in the last few weeks. I could not get in the car fast enough to get out of there.

Then off to the place where we have stayed in the past. This place was only $2 more a night than the other ones. Believe me, it is so worth the extra $2.

We set up tent…

and this was the view from our campsite to the right…

and to the left…

Day one…set up campsite, took trip to store to find a few necessities that I didn’t have time to get prior to the trip and dinner.

We had dinner in Littleton NH at this little diner. Great food, the kids ate like pigs. The price was right too. Full dinners for all were including salads all for $60. That included the tip. Butter had super duper huge French toast with strawberries. Peanut had eggs and homemade hash (you had to see this…it was SOOOO GOOOD!) toast, and bacon. Jelly had chicken parm with homemade sauce and the peppers even crunched they were so fresh. Dad and I had Salisbury steak with mashed and fresh vegetables. This meal was the bomb.

I will let you know a little more about the rest of the week…during the rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home alone...

There are days that I sit and wonder where the hades did the time go. There are other days that I think is this day ever going to end. These last few days have been a mixture of both.

My family is away. Most people would be thrilled to death to have time all to themselves. Believe me, I am thrilled to not hear “Mom, mom, mom, he said, he hit, he spit, he smells, mom, mom, mom” but it can get kind of lonely there by myself…and a little freaky.

Remember this; I am in the middle of the woods with no one around to hear me scream if the boogey man were to come and snoogey me to death. I have no one to make my coffee in the morning. I have no one to have my dinner waiting for me when I get home. It can get very lonely when you are faced with all the extra inconveniences.

Then again, I am really enjoying the bed to myself. I love being able to watch whatever I want to on television (all six channels). I like being able to finish the things that I need to finish at work and not be getting called every 10 minutes asking me if I were on my way home or what time I will be there. And the best part is that I have dropped my dirty clothes in the hamper and not walking around picking up everyone else’s.

But then again the week is flying by and I am not getting everything accomplished that I had set my mind to do…I have not had the chance to wash my kitchen floor. The kids start school in three weeks and it has been so darn hot and humid that the house has not even been touched. I have to find time to get home and clean and organize before school starts or I might as well throw in the towel for the rest of the year.

I am not one for complaining so don’t take it that way…I am just sitting around pondering.

Where does the time go and will this week ever end?