Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am grabbing the hammer...

Today, for those of you with out a calendar, is Twosday. Yup, it is the day to start collecting twos. Two cats, two dogs, two horses, and bring them all to my ark. I am building an ark because the town is flooding.

Over the course of the last two weeks, I have been able to go home my normal way once. All the rest of the time the roads have been flooded out. Today marks day number three of rain, and it was supposed to stop by mid afternoon. Well, it is mid afternoon and the rain is still coming down, sideways, and the wind is pretty nasty. The rain does not look like it is going to stop real soon.  We have had another 6-8" of rain since yesterday.  Today, they were predicting 4", I think we got it.

This weekend is supposed to be a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s, sunny and warm, my favorite kind of weather. Why do we have to have all this rain…NOW?

I took a picture with my cell phone the other day. This picture is of the little dam under the bridge at the bottom of the big dam in my town. This was 1 week after all the flooding the last time (two weeks ago) and this is usually a little trickle…can you see the power of the water coming over the little dam?

While writing this, the Governor has declared my little down officially in a state of emergency and the National Guard is there sandbagging. Do you think this qualifies for a good enough reason to leave work early? I really don’t want to be here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Seconds anyone?

It is one of those things that you think about but don’t want to admit to people. “What would happen to my family if something were to happen to me?” It is what I have been thinking about a lot these last two days. But let me tell you this. The worst thought that I have been having is very SELFISH, “what would be said about me if I suddenly were to pass on?” Would people look at my life as someone who has touched so many? I don’t believe so, but I do believe I have touched enough lives to make a difference. But enough about me and my thoughts, I am here today to tell you a little about a woman who truly touched many lives and will continue to do so now that her time here on earth has passed.

I posted on Saturday about the death of my “big sister”. I will use her name today only because it will be easier to keep my thoughts straight.

Donna went to college with my oldest brother, #1 to all of you. #1 and Donna started dating and well, doing things that college age dating kids do…or some of them at least. Donna became pregnant at the age of 18, married before 19, mother two months later. My niece was born extremely prematurely and as an effect of this has multiple disabilities including CP. She is 28 (almost 29) and wheel chair bound. She cannot feed herself; she is incapable of walking or talking. She is completely dependent on others for the every day things that we take for granted. Donna never once denied this dependency to her daughter. Although it was hard, and believe me it was, Donna did what she needed to do.

My brother and Donna married when I was 12. They were separated when I was nineteen. My brother and Donna worked very hard to be the best parents and the best that they could be, but they never worked on the already strained relationship that they had together. Although, nasty things were said at the time, they became very close as friends after they were apart.

Donna was a single mother for a few years; she had been invited to a wedding of #1’s college roommate. She met the greatest guy at the wedding and he moved from Chicago to Worcester, Massachusetts to be with her.

It is that feeling that you have met “the one”. That is what they shared. Although they had only spent the weekend together, they knew they were destined to be together. Donna had her new guy move in with her and they started a life together. Donna and her new man were together three years before they tied the knot. We all new it would happen eventually, but as she on many occasions said, this time I want the relationship before I want the strain. And that is what she got.

Donna became pregnant a few years later and at 27 weeks along in the pregnancy the same thing started to happen. She was ready this time though, and went right to the doctor where they admitted her, stopped the contractions, and put her on bed rest for the next three months. Can you imagine what it must be like to have a 13 year old, severely disabled, daughter and not be able to pick her up and do what you do every day, for 3 months?

Her new daughter was born. When her second daughter was able to go to school, Donna was looking for something to do. She started taking time to be a respite provider for other moms with disabled kids. This was her way of giving back. As luck would have it Donna moved another step forward and began taking foster children for a night here or there to give a night out to foster parents. She got a call one night for an emergency placement of an infant. The infant was suffering from Failure to Thrive and was being taken away from the parents and they needed somewhere to put her for a few days. Donna took the baby with open arms. She had her for a few days and gave her back THRIVING! The next thing Donna knew, she was the go-to girl for all problem FTT babies. She gave them what she needed. The babies kept coming and she kept caring. Over the course of a few years, Donna had taken in well over 20 babies, many of them for months at a time.

She met the love of her life the second time around and she gave all of these troubled babies a second chance. Donna used to joke about the fact that she was alright with seconds and those were just a couple of reasons why.

Donna has a 15 year old daughter that was involved in a play on Friday night. When the play was over, Donna and her husband brought their daughter to an after party with the understanding that they would pick her up at 10. Their daughter was supposed to call. The beautiful couple went home and sat together on the couch. After a few minutes, Donna told her husband that he should go to bed and she would wait up for the call, he said he could sleep late in the morning so he would wait up with her. She got up and headed for the kitchen, stepped into the breezeway for something and dropped dead. An aneurism ruptured in her brain and her life was over. Donna would have been turning 49 in April.

There are a lot of things that I can say about my family and things that they say and do. I could not tell enough wonderful things about Donna though. She was an inspiration to me and I wish I could have told her more times about that. She knew how much I loved her because I told her all the time. I regret nothing during our 30 years together and I would do it

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The world has lost a beautiful woman

The world has lost an absolute beautiful person today. My first SIL ever passed away today. She had an aneurysm rupture in her brain last night and she passed away at the age of 49.

She was my “big” sister. The only one I ever had. When she and my #1 brother were married I was 12 years old. I, obviously, had no sisters and this was the first and only true sister I will ever know.

She and my brother were married shortly after she turned 19 because she was pregnant. When she was 27 weeks along the baby came early. My niece was born and was only 2.5 pounds at birth. My niece had many health issues the least of which was that she was suffering from cerebral palsy. My SIL was a pillar of strength. She has raised a severely disabled child and this was no easy task.

D and my brother were divorced a few years after they were married. The strain of working opposite hours and constantly fighting for their daughter, had caused so much tension in the marriage that they soon separated and divorced. It did not change anything for the two of us. We were still inseparable. We had many times where we were just there for each other when we needed to be. To this day, although our lives were different and apart I still considered her my big sister.

D took me under her wing as a little sister. Her family, all of them, was in New York and here she was with no family but ours in central Massachusetts. She brought me to my first OB/GYN appointment. She helped me through the breakup of my first boyfriend. She took me out to my first bar with a fake ID. She held my hair as a puked all night. She was the maid of honor at my wedding.

Just before my husband and I were married, I received a call from D. She seemed a little panicked and asked me to come over straight from work and bring my father’s video recorder. When I showed up, she was getting married herself, and I was to be her maid of honor.

There are so many other wonderful stories that I could share, but for now, I just want to say, I love you and will miss you always.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It is all in "the way" you give, I guess

I am all about giving. If you know me at all, IRL or whatever, you will know that I am always about the giving. I have friends that have come to me because their electricity and heat have been turned off and I have loaded them up with blankets and candles. I have gone through my children’s belongings and given away electronics and toys to other children because I thought that they would enjoy or use them more often. I always have a bag of clothes ready to give to charity or to someone who could use hand me down’s. When I give, I do not expect anything in return.

I have once again given, wholeheartedly, without any restrictions, without any want of a return favor, and yet it has hit me in the face because the BITCH can’t just be grateful.

Seriously, I want to smack her. I gave it to you; you accepted it, why the HECK are you pissed at me? I wasn’t looking for anything in return. I was done with it and didn’t need it anymore. Just take it and shut the HELL UP!

I know, I should just be sitting in my little cubicle saying nothing, but this burns me like you cannot even begin to imagine.

Let me back up and give you a little history. Last Monday, the 15th of March, we had our big company meeting. I work for a company that produces a GREAT product. A company, that if you have ever had to go to the doctor, you have been affected by one way or another. It is not a big company. We only have about 250 employees or so. Our employees are spread all over the world. We have 40 employees that are international. They came in for our company meeting. During our big meeting, I had the opportunity to meet a good portion of them. Eric, from France, will never forget me, neither will Koji from Japan. I made them say potty talk at the big company meeting and…well to say the least…they were very grateful…or maybe not. Either way, these international people are a lot like me. Always willing to give. I must have shaken hands with at least 20 or so of these international folks. Every one of these beautiful people slipped me something when we shook hands. I could not have been more grateful.

Being grateful, I took what was given, brought it home, shared with my family and then brought it back to work with me the next 4 days.

Now, the bitch who sits three cubicles away from me is bitching and complaining. I have overheard her tell at least three people that I was selfish and inconsiderate. Can you believe her? ME, selfish and inconsiderate! BITCH!

Just take so freaking medication and get over the dreaded international bug that I shared with you…feel lucky, you can breathe today…you won’t be able to in 2 days, when the fucker sits in your chest and you can not get a full lung of oxygen to save your life.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Middle school H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Alright, if you didn’t click through yesterday to smell about Dual Mom then do so today and know that she doesn’t smell bad. I am having that overwhelming sense of guilt that maybe people thought she might smell like fish…or worse.

That being said, the meeting at the school was quite an interesting meeting. Let me start off where I left off yesterday.

I could not figure out what to say. The more I thought about what I had been faced with the more my stomach was in knots. I did not want to go home and deal with my son. I didn’t want to believe that this was something that he might be capable of doing.

I sent my husband down to the school personally so that maybe the misunderstandings that I was having could possibly be clarified if he went in person. I did not work. He came home just as confused and told me the Principal was just as confused. So this morning at 8:30a I was at the school for the big meeting. It started out pretty much like every other bullshit meeting I have ever had at this school. I am serious. “good morning folks, as you know I am Mr. blah blah the principal and this here is Mrs. Blah de dah the vice principal and Gladiola the translator. Mrs. Peanut mother do you know Mrs. Other child mother… “

And so it began…

The principal recapped what happened the day before.

A and his mom came into the school because A had been afraid to come to school by himself. A’s mom was concerned and felt the need to let the school know that Peanut was bullying her child. Peanut has been bullying her child for over a year and she can even bring in documentation from the doctors office if needed with pictures of the bruising on his neck and scratches on his face. Peanut has on multiple occasions picked on and beat on A at the bus stop. Peanut has also threatened A that if he comes into school and tells administration that this had happened he would “kill him”. Peanut called and continues to call him an “FN stupid Mexican”. Peanut wrote a very threatening letter to the family and left it in the mailbox and they knew this because Peanut went back to retrieve this letter before they found it, but it had been too late.

We, the school, only want to get to the bottom of it all. Mr. Peanut’s dad came to the school immediately after we contacted Mrs. Peanut’s mom and wanted some more clarification because the whole thing did not make sense to him…so let me get this straight. Peanut and A walk together to a friends house for a ride to school. Peanut has not taken the bus for at least the last year. “that is correct” says the translator. So those two statements don’t connect. Peanut claims that A is his best friend. “that is correct” says the translator. Well that does not make sense. “Well,” says A, “he was my best friend” This child has been brutalizing your child for over a year and yet you have invited him on many occasions, some as early as last month to your house for cake and ice cream. “That is correct” says the translator. Maybe we are going about this the wrong way…does this make any sense to you…when did the bruising take place. “Last year” meaning December of 2009, NO, he meant like February of 2009, when Peanut white washed him while they were playing. Ever since then the other kids in the neighborhood have been doing it to him and Peanut doesn’t make them stop. When did this threatening letter appear in your mailbox, “last year”. Then the mother tells the vice principal she gave it to her last year, don’t you remember? The vice principal looked like you could have poked her with a feather and she would have fallen over. “ I never saw this letter” “oh, maybe you just forgot because it was ripped up by my aunt and it was in little pieces.” Or maybe she never was given it. Well how did you know Peanut wrote this letter? Well, we don’t A thought he heard someone at the bus stop talking about it with Peanut but he could not be sure.

Things just got more confusing from there and the principal and the vice principal were tripping over themselves because all of confusion and the story just kept changing. The entire time all of this was going on my son sat beside me with silent tears rolling down his cheeks.

I had had enough; I ask Gladiola to translate for me and went on with my little rant.

“I am sorry, but I need to have some clarification in MY head. All of what I have heard about the bruising and what not, sounds like it started with simple boys being boys. Do you agree? It also sounds to me as though Peanut is not the one you are afraid of. A? Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, Peanut could have been a better friend to you these last few months and stopped the people from teasing you? Could it possibly be that Peanut did not do all of these things to you but he is the one you would have turned to as a friend and he hasn’t been there for you? And could it possibly be that Peanut thinks that you are still best friends and may not have any idea that you are upset about anything at all because you have not talked to HIM about this?”

A started to cry and said that Peanut was always his best friend and lately Peanut has been involved in so many other things and A just needed Peanut to be a good friend and he hasn’t been. A was afraid that Peanut would hate him if he tried to talk to him about it and make fun of him instead.

I watched my son cry and cry. He stood up looked at A right in the eye and said “Bud, how am I supposed to know that this is going on if you don’t talk to me. You accused me of some pretty nasty things and now-a-day that can get me thrown out of school. You have hurt me pretty bad but can we let this go and be friends?” A nodded and Peanut walked across the room and gave him the biggest hug ever. The tears rolled down his face over and over as he patted his friend on the back.

The mom looked at me and with this look of horror said “I am sorry” through the translator I told her “it was not her fault and it was okay, I am a mom too and when this was happening to my older one I became the mom from Hades, Mom’s protect their sons (or daughters) and always want them under their protection. But there comes a time when you need to listen to what they are saying to hear the real story.

I left the school, I went to get a coffee, I drove home and…I PUKED! Shit, why do people need to make you go through this kind of stuff? Why can’t we all be friends?

For the first time EVAH, I did not jump to conclusions with Peanut. I trusted my gut which was doing flip flops, but I did and I am so glad I did.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am scare-d-cat right now

Pull up the waders because the BULLSHIT is flying!

I want to say, that by no means have I ever had the opportunity to say, I truly believe that horoscopes determine your life. If I did, this would have been my day yesterday.

• This will be a good day for you, Sagittarius. You should be feeling happy, excited, enthusiastic, and optimistic about the future. Relations with family, friends, and neighbors are likely to be warm and congenial. Today could involve a lot of time on the phone or in the car running errands. Expect a surprise encounter with someone you haven't seen in a long time. You'll spend some time reminiscing and catching up.

Well, it wasn’t. I write this before the big meeting, before the face to face, before my life in the neighborhood changes forever. I write this with the sickest feeling in my stomach that I have ever had. I write this scared to go home and face what is there. I write this on Tuesday afternoon just having hung up the phone.

I just got a call from the school. The middle school to be exact. I HATE calls from the middle school. The calls from the middle school are usually started by “Hello Mrs. MaeRae, I wanted to make sure you are aware the SAID CHILD is physically okay” and then the BUT comes. I hate the but’s. The first “but” I ever got was Jelly being suspended from school because he punched out some bully. The second “but” I ever got was Jelly being suspended from school because he brought a lighter to school and attempted to light it on the bus. The third “but” I ever got was Peanut getting suspended for kicking some kid in the hallway or was that the one where Peanut asked some little girl if he could “lick her (insert female body part here)”. Hell, I don’t remember. I do remember this. I hate the calls from the MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Well, this call is a little more disturbing. Peanut has been accused by one of our neighbors of bullying her child. Peanut has been friends with this little boy for many years and all of a sudden there is an issue with my son “threatening to kill” this little boy and calling him a “stupid little Mexican”. Mind you, this is all through a translator that the story has come to me. Supposedly, my son wrote a letter to this family and stuck it in their mailbox, threatening bodily harm to the family. Supposedly, my son has beaten this boy so bad that the mother has taken him to the doctors to have them document the bruising. Supposedly, my son has done all sorts of horrible things that they want him removed completely from the school or they are going to sue the school system.

I am not sure how to react. I want to cry. As a mother, I cannot imagine that my child would do something like this. As a mother, I want to protect my child like any mother would do. Do I believe the story? I could. You could definitely convince me that the spawn of the devil that has become my child these last few months could certainly do something like this. You could convince me that the hormones that make me want to smack the teeth down his throat could be causing this to happen. You could, I tell you, you could, but not today!

If this was last week, I could have completely been convinced. But this is this week, nope! I have been sick. I mean really sick and needed to take off last Friday early because I was having difficulty breathing (and spreading germs in Jeff’s personal space-another little side story) so I got home shortly after 1. My husband came home around 3 that afternoon and we were standing outside by our back door when I noticed some children running through our neighbor’s yard and then climbing on top of their lawn furniture, scaling the fence and climbing up into the tree behind the house, on another neighbors property. My husband went over and told the children to remove themselves from the property. The homeowners were not home and they did not belong there. Later that evening, I noticed the homeowner looking around her back yard shaking her head. I walked over asked what was up and she told me someone had been in her yard, broken all of the little lawn sculptures that she had and broke her Adirondack chair. I told her what my honey and I had witnessed earlier in the afternoon.

Since then, some strange things have been happening around the yards. Trash has appeared, the neighbors fence got broken. Things have just been off. This entire group of kids that we saw in the neighbors yard were kids we had never seen before, but when they were told to go away, they went to the neighbors house that has now accused my son of there horrible things. Just seems very fishy to me…Something smells and it ain’t Dual Mom.

I will post tomorrow about the big meeting. I can only hope and pray that this is all a misunderstanding and that my son had NOTHING to do with this, because if it is the other way around…well, I don’t know what.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where does time go?

It is absolutely amazing to me what can happen in 1 year. One year ago yesterday, I started my new job here at the CIWFN “company I work at now”. And at the same time yesterday was my 100th post.

I thought and thought about what to do for my 100th post and fell flat on my proverbial arse. It actually gave me writers block on top of the already crappy things that were going on in my life. So I just kind of gave up and treated it like it was no big thing.

So, here I am at post 101 and thinking, “Shit time flies and then you die”. Again, last year I started a new job at a new place and that has led me to where I am now. My friend, whose name shall remain a mystery, told me that I should be reading these two blogs in my spare time. I had a lot of it. So I started reading Pulsifer’s Predilections and Thou shalt not whine. I only had one problem…they didn’t post every day and I was as bored as hades in this place with the non stop sound of click, click, click. NO ONE here talked. I drove me slowly to a crazy twitch in my right eyelid. So I became what I ever so often hear…a stalker. I stalked everyone on the side of Kristina’s blog when she had no new post, which duh on me, only took me 6 months to realize was once a week. And Jillybean’s stories about Max, which I was CERTAIN was my Butter reincarnated only Butter isn’t dead, kept me on my toes and then I started stalking anyone who commented on her blog. Okay, I was lame and I was bored. I am not sure how it happened but I got HOOKED! I was living in this little blog world three quarters across the country. In a place farther than I had ever traveled. And I had new friends…that didn’t know I existed. But they were my friends.

I missed my friends. I missed the everyday banter of what the kids did last night and what ignorant husband put the cat in the microwave or dryer or something like that. I really missed them and I missed telling my stories about my family. So I started a blog, and I read more blogs, and I became a follower to so many blogs that last week when I opened my blog reader after two weeks and there were 435 new blogs I had not read. I love my little blog world, I really do.

That brings me back to this shiny little object. What happens in a year? I was saying the other day, that work has kicked my butt.

It is true, I have a real job now, my boss has been laid off and I have taken up some of her slack but at the same time, it seems as though everyone in the office all of sudden realized I existed. Everyone wants me at this meeting or that. Everyone wants me to talk to this person or that. I generated over $850,000 in sales since June and was on target to do over 1.5 million for next year. The work just piled on and on. And I forgot to make time to blog. It made me lonely, I had no idea just how big Rylee had gotten and I was used to seeing her almost everyday. I had no clue what was going on in Mexico because I wasn’t reading about it and I have no clue how close Tib is to making her goal of raising money for Type 1 Diabetes.

I did realize that it is a close to a bubble as I can ever make myself….Thank you everyone for being such a part of my life.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The family is growing!!!!!

Happy Monday every one!

As I mentioned in my last post, life has seriously gotten in the way of my blog. I wish that had not been the case but it was. Let me give you a little background and bring you up to speed. This might take a few posts but it will all be entertaining, I assure you.

I am going to start from the latest and work my way backwards.

I am going to be a great aunt. My nephew P and his girlfriend are expecting a baby. We had a “P and B are having a baby” party yesterday afternoon. I have to admit that maybe I just blocked it out when I got the invitation because EVERYONE was there, except my kids and husband. My invitation came well over a month ago. I opened it up; saw it was a “baby shower” wrote the date on the calendar and then proceeded to throw the invite away.

Jelly came home the other afternoon and asked me if they were supposed to go. Some kid he went to school with asked him if he was going to be there. WHAT! What baby shower invites 16 year old BOYS to come? Well, this one, I guess. My kids didn’t go. I went by myself, well I picked up my mom, and all my brothers (minus one) and their families or significant others were there too.

This was a PARTY! There had to be well over 125 people there. I saw past family members that I hadn’t seen in YEARS!

Doesn’t the couple look freaking adorable?

P is #2’s oldest son. If you don’t remember #2, go back and read all about him. If you don’t have time, I will give you the readers digest condensed version. #2 got married to a mobster’s daughter because she got pregnant. 1 month after the marriage ceremony, that none of us attended, she started giving tours of their apartment saying “when we get divorced this is mine”. She had no intention of being married but “daddy” said she had to or she was out and so she did. Two years and a few months later, they were separated and #2 had P every weekend and moved into my parent’s house on those weekends.

Well P is now all grown up and probably one of the greatest kids you will ever meet. He spent years listening to his mom tell him how stupid he was and how he will never amount to anything and so, as any other person hearing that, started to believe it. He has been with B now for about three years and she is just the opposite of his mom and is ALWAYS telling him how great he is and how he can amount to so much more. He is working on it.

Well, back to the situation on hand. They are young, well younger than me and expecting a little bundle of joy and could not be happier. The amount of gifts was amazing and there is some that were just the greatest ideas ever. Someone gave them a case of diapers in every size. How awesome is that? Someone else made the cutest little diaper cake. That was really cute too. I think my sense of imagination was skewed due to life because I just bought something off the registry and my mom wrapped it up.

The gossip was flying...but that is only to be expected.

#2’s second son from a different marriage was no disappointment. C, the little shit, is 11 almost 12 and he was once again, bullying the little kids. He was as my niece put is “manhandling” the younger boys. He was, for sure, in his normal form and let to get away with it. I don’t care who think otherwise, but that kid needs a good ass kicking. I just may be the one to give it to him and his time is running really short. My bubble is only so strong and that is one kid who continues to poke it.

The family fun was quite interesting. You have to picture a mobster Italian family with a bunch of Irish Catholics, a bar, a crap load of food, and a ton of little kids running under foot. WHOOPEE the fun was all around.

Hope you week is off to a good start…ours is forecasting rain, which if you have seen the news around here, we don’t need any more. This is the main street in our time and my son’s elementary school from last week.

Get your waders on people there is no where else for the water to go.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog NUMBER 99! Are you ready! Set and ...

Holy Flying Flip Flops People…I feel like I have been gone for weeks. Shit, why did you wait so long to slap me up the head people? I am sitting here once again on a Friday night with my baby boy and nothing to do but clean and blog. It is great to be back.

Work has kicked me in the ass, made me fall on my face, skin both my elbows getting back up and given me a black eye, but I think I finally made it though. Just in time to have the killer of international germs.

This is the second year that work had the annual meeting at the Marriot down the street on the river. Representatives from all over the world that work for my company were there. This is the second year in a row that I have developed the worse of all the worse head/chest/sinus WTF-its-killing-me colds. I don’t believe in getting sick. That’s why I don’t. I combat every and all germs so that I can be the mom and the money maker at the same time. Yeah, that doesn’t work so great all the time. I am bound and determined to make that change as well.

Well, the family is up and running guys…The spring is here and so starts the birthday, first communion (this one should be a doosey), mother’s day, father’s day, anniversary, Memorial Day weekend, oh shit I think I just hemorrhaged, time of the year. And there are bound to be some doosey stories. Hold on to your hats and snuggies people it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you or someone you know need a...

Rules for the Non-Military

Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military. For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance:

1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their ass.

2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest -kick their ass.

3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their ass.

4. If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or Jungle Fatigues, telling others that you used to be 'Special Forces'. Collecting GI Joe memorabilia, might have been okay when you were seven years old, now, it will only make you look stupid and get your ass kicked.

5. Next time you come across an *Air Force* member, do not ask them, 'Do you fly a jet?' Not everyone in the Air Force is a pilot. Such ignorance deserves an ass-kicking (children are exempt).

6. If you witness someone calling the *US Coast Guard* 'non-military', inform them of their mistake - and kick their ass.

7. Next time Old Glory (the US flag) prances by during a parade, get on your damn feet and pay homage to her by placing your hand over your heart. Quietly thank the military member or veteran lucky enough to be carrying her - of course, failure to do either of those could earn you a severe ass-kicking.

9. 'Your mama wears combat boots' never made sense to me - stop saying it! If she did, she would most likely be a vet and therefore would kick your ass!

10. 'Flyboy' (*Air Force*), 'Jarhead' (*Marines*), 'Grunt' (*Army*), 'Squid' (*Navy*), 'Puddle Jumpers' (*Coast Guard*), etc., are terms of endearment we use describing each other. Unless you are a service member or vet, you have not earned the right to use them. Using them could get your ass kicked..

11. Last, but not least, whether or not you become a member of the military, support our troops and their families. Every Thanksgiving and religious holiday that you enjoy with family and friends, please remember that there are literally thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen far from home wishing they could be with their families. Thank God for our military and the sacrifices they make every day. Without them, our Country would get it's ass kicked.

12. If you ever see anyone singing the national anthem in Spanish - KICK THEIR ASS.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My blog, not yours...

I already have a mother and she does not have anything to do with this blog.

I just realized that three posts from now is my 100th post. I am kind of a little in shock about that. The funny thing is that, as time has gone on for me over the last few months, I have spent many a trips into work or home, blogging in my mind. I love to rant and rave, I love to stomp my feet, I love to praise anything that deserves praising, but most of all I love to tell you stories about my family that make you laugh or cry.

After 100 posts, I came to the realization that there were no bloggy police. Seriously PEOPLE there aren’t. No one can tell you what to do, no one can tell you who to follow, no one can tell you that you can or cannot have music on your blog, and no one can tell you whether or not you should comment or how to go about doing it.

WHAT A FREAKING SURPRISE THAT WAS FOR ME! I took the music off my blog, because some one told me too, I took off the comment moderator, because someone told me too. I did a lot of things that people told me to and well that is going to stop, right here, right now.

I am in my bubble people and that is the way it is going to be…remembering back to the reason I formed my original bubble. My sister in law told me that I had no idea how hard it was for her to watch my father die. I excused myself from the room and nearly kicked through the glass door to the outside, I just wanted to run. My dad was MY dad. He was everything to me and more. I was his little girl and he was my daddy. NOONE!!!! And I mean NOONE!!! Could say that! I was the only one. I realized immediately that she was right. I could not know how hard this was on her because she was not me and I was not her. She has the reasons for how she ticks and I have mine.

I love blogging…I really do and I will continue on. Welcome to MY BUBBLE!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend mental recap

I love the weekends and sometimes I love Monday’s. Today was one of those Monday’s that I was up and ready and sitting around waiting on people instead. It got me thinking about my past weekend and some of the things that I did.

I am going to go backwards for a change. I am going to start with last night around 9:30 pm, sitting on the couch trying so hard to stay awake because I have seen NOTHING that had to do with the Olympics and thought maybe the closing ceremonies might be a good place to start. WRONG! Asleep by 9:35 pm.

I had come home from a wake, my least favorite thing in the world, for a friend that passed away suddenly on Friday afternoon. This friend of ours had been sick for many years with a degenerative kidney disease and hence a multitude of other problems stemming from that. He had diabetes and his toes lost circulation and he was brought in to the hospital on Thursday to have surgery to remove the toes. He had a massive heart attack before they even brought him in for surgery. And now he is dead. It makes you think about the things that you complain about during the course of a week and the want/need to be with family when news like that hits.

Sitting on the couch all snuggled up with Peanut and Butter must have been what made me so tired. Or maybe it was everything else that weekend. NAAAHHHH!

Sunday Morning we were up and raring to go. The boys had a Blue and Gold ceremony that was to begin at noon. Peanut and Jelly were cooking and serving. Jelly also had Confirmation class starting at 12:30. So to the middle school for prep, to the church for class (or to talk to the teacher about skipping class), and then back to the school for lunch and the ceremony. This was the best ceremony that we have been to in the 9 years that we have been involved in scouting. Jelly was very instrumental in the bringing up of these scouts from cubs to boys so he was very much involved. Big day.

Saturday started and never stopped. I was up early, showered dressed and ready to go, off to recycling, which was closed due to weather, hair appt in one direction for 12 and then a Tupperware party in the other direction for 1, back home to grocery shop with the hubby, (our alone time) and then off to dinner and a band with some friends. Busy, busy, busy.

That brings me back to the wake I went to last night. I have been thinking a lot about this gentleman who passed away and how lonely he could be sometimes. I met Digger through a friend. This friend I had, had been Diggers best friend since high school. Although, P did a lot outside the house and met a lot of different people, P was Diggers only friend. Well, P’s family was Diggers friends. But that was about it. He lived with his mom and was not married.

If you were stranded at a mall with a broken down car and your honey could not be reached, would you have a friend to call? I would like to think that at least half of the phone numbers in my cell phone would come help me out. Isn’t it scary how some people would not be able to say that.

I have the say my thanks everyday for the family and friends that I have. I love them all and would be starting up my car right now if they called me.