Saturday, October 31, 2009


The baby. Butter is 8. He has an amazing mind. My oldest brother always tells me that you could write a book of butterisms. One day, a few years back, while riding in the car, Butter asked me "What sound does a star make?" Thinking really hard at the proper answer to give, I said, " I'm not really sure stars make noise". He then told me that that would make sense. It was kind of like a silent "E". I agreed and asked why he asked that. He said he was trying to read the sign WAL*MART and he knew all the sounds except star. Butter was not expected but a joy to have around. We all love him very much and can't think of a life without him. Well, maybe Peanut when he is in charge of cleaning the room they share. SUPER SIDE NOTE>>> Tomorrow is a bubble day. My family is getting together for my mother's 71st birthday. All of us at the same time. I think I will have a lot of bubble time. I am sure I will have stories that will have to stay in the bubble.

Peanut has the greatest attitude

This is Peanut. He just turned thirteen. I said before that a thirteen year old boy has to be the hardest time frame to go through. Not only as a mother but as a child too. How can your body be going through all these changes overnight and still function. My big question is if you knock all their teeth out at 13 do you get a discount on dentures? But all in all, Peanut has to be the most loving, caring, considerate child EVER! My dad used to say that if you went out to the mailbox and Peanut was visiting that he made you feel missed even if was just for those few minutes. And the GRIN when you came back in could melt your heart. It is true. -SIDE STORY-Just for the season When Peanut was in first grade his BFE was not going to be able to wear a costume for the halloween walk the school put on. His mom could not afford a costume and this little guy wasn't too little. Peanut begged and pleaded for me to buy his BFE a costume for the walk. Without knowing what the situation was I asked the teacher if she could contact the mother and see if it would be acceptable if I made one. A trip to wallyworld and a really good deal on a costume, Peanut brought the costume to school the next day. Peanut BEEMED for a week because he helped a friend. (insert funny antitote here-the kid wore the costume for three weeks-the mom stopped me one day and explained that they don't celebrate Halloween but the BFE was coming home from school every day and changed into the RED POWER RANGER-Peanut was the BEST.FRIEND.EVER) Now look at those cheeks and dimples - doesn't it make you want to just pinch them?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working it out

Well, I am trying. I have changed my layout a little bit but will continue to change more.
I mentioned before that I love my family. I want to tell you a bit about them little by little. My three boys, who shall remain anonymous have the initials PB&J. So when I refer to them they will be Peanut, Butter, and Jelly. Truth be told they are my life.
Jelly is 16. This is the age that people warned me would come and here it is. Am I scared? NO! This is nothing. Don't let the world fool you. The terrible twos, the threes, the learning how to walk and talk and the age of 16 has nothing on boys starting their pubescent ages. Ugh, 12-14 much worse. But back to Jelly.
Jelly is the greatest 16 year old you will ever meet. He cooks dinner for his family just about every night. He tucks his little brother into bed with a kiss on the forehead. Jelly is a family boy. He would do anything for anyone as long as you said please. He has the most amazing manners for a teenager.
Back when Jelly was in Kindergarten, the first time (story for another day), he joined scouts. he has been a scout ever since. Jelly recently was elected into the Order of the Arrow. This is a prestigious honor for a scout and he deserved it. He makes me laugh and makes me cry. He really is a GREAT KID!

Starting it all

I have been reading blogs now faithfully every day for almost a year. I never thought that I would actually be making one. I am not an artistic person but I do enjoy reading. Why the title? Three years ago my father passed away. You need to know that he was my daddy and I his little girl (even at the age of 38). I am the only girl of 8 children. NO, that is not a typo, I have 7 brothers. Each of my brothers have a significant other and most of them have children. I love my family. Every piece of my family...from my mom, my seven brothers, my 5 SILs, my 4 xSILs, my 10 nephews, my 5 nieces, my three sons to my husband. BUT THEY ALL DRIVE ME CRAZY! I put myself into a little emotion bubble when my dad was dying and sometimes I need to put myself back in for a while. It has been a rough couple of years and as I continue to post I will continue to put it all in words.